Translation of workaholic in Spanish:


trabajoadicto, n.

Pronunciation /ˌwərkəˈhɑlɪk//ˌwərkəˈhɔlɪk//wəːkəˈhɒlɪk/



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    trabajoadicto masculine
    trabajoadicta feminine
    fanático del trabajo masculine
    fanática del trabajo feminine
    • He's a workaholic, and hard work is one of the key things in management.
    • I was a workaholic, to be honest, and I'd spent 23 years working all over the country and basically living in a caravan.
    • In his twenties, however, he became a bit of a workaholic, working 12 to 15 hour days and doing no exercise.
    • Working too much takes its toll on people's health and relationships, yet most workaholics are hailed as heroes, or at least model employees.
    • He is a workaholic who puts in 14 to 15 hours a day and has a meticulous eye for detail.
    • She and her husband were workaholics - for her, four hours’ sleep a night was always more than adequate.
    • In a profession that's notorious for breeding workaholics, burnout is always a threat.
    • But rather than planning to create a future generation of workaholics, Dr Richmond said the new research could be used to study mental illness.
    • For starters, poor timing couldn't stop the three biggest workaholics in Hollywood from pumping out back-to-back releases.
    • Until he met Francesca he was a workaholic who enjoyed playing hard.
    • However, many people do this out of habit, or to give off the impression that they are such workaholics that they never have time for a real meal.
    • A compulsive workaholic and an absentee publisher, he has tried a number of different tactics to revive the papers.
    • As a confessed workaholic, who packs in 14 hour days, seven days a week, a social life comes low in her priorities.
    • Someday, all of us will have to become workaholics, happy or not, just to get by.
    • Either they think my parents force me to study, or pass me off as one of those compulsive workaholics - you know - the aggressive people who really take the philosophy that if you don't work to get ahead you fall behind.
    • While processed dishes are becoming a major staple for the generation of non-traditional, Westernized, free-spending workaholics, the older folk are not so easily swayed.
    • Alcoholic children have a tendency to be workaholics.
    • Like all workaholics, I struggle with innate laziness.
    • In a nation of multitasking workaholics, insomnia strikes 127 million adults.
    • I think you are looking at two workaholics.