Translation of worker priest in Spanish:

worker priest

cura obrero, n.


  • 1

    cura obrero masculine
    • Such courses were common 60 years ago when the nation had hundreds of worker priests, whose mission was to help laborers.
    • Thus the worker priests had to be crushed - by Pope Pius XII.
    • The pope thought that the worker priest was no longer a spiritual person and ordered it to stop.
    • He was a worker priest who, like Tom Dooley, had to die before we could celebrate the totality of his humanness.
    • After the war, Goss attached himself to a group of worker priests in an industrial section of Paris.
    • As well with the worker priests as in the Liberation Theology this practice has a clear political accent.
    • It is clear that the aspirations of the first worker priests were not realised, and that a great gulf remains between the world of work and the priest's calling as presently understood.
    • Some argued that the spiritual lives and sacramental function of worker priests suffered because of their political engagements.
    • But Pope Pius XII stopped the worker priest movement, and Pope John Paul II closed the base communities.
    • There are other ‘unspoken’ trade-offs with a worker priest arrangement in a mission.