Translation of workforce in Spanish:


población activa, n.

(work force)


  • 1

    (of nation) población activa feminine
    (of company) personal masculine
    (of company) planta laboral feminine
    (of company) plantilla feminine Spain
    • Patrick had restructured its organization, setting up labor-supply subsidiaries as employers of its unionized workforces.
    • And thanks to factors ranging from diverse workforces to innovative investment programs, more and more are born on city streets.
    • Chapter two describes the market share of the Canadian Potash and Uranium industries, and the characteristics of their workforces.
    • In the past 20 years, employees have lost right after right to Government-backed bosses intent on squeezing more work for less pay out of their workforces.
    • Social scientists are increasingly employed by government and private agencies and firms dealing with or employing multicultural districts and workforces.
    • I imagine the area of mobile workforces is throwing up some usability challenges?
    • Such gains can encourage employers to expand their workforces.
    • The army outsources and benchmarks with industry to ensure that it remains an efficient and effective organisation, and it has one of the best-trained workforces in the world.
    • The report also calls on government to increase its investment in education - the province has one of the most educated workforces in the world, but much of that is due to immigration.
    • Pressure will grow to upgrade industries and workforces.
    • Moves were taken to establish more flexible workforces through changes to numbers employed, forms of work organisation and pay policies.
    • The acceleration of productivity growth also resulted from a tight labor market, as firms made better use of their workforces.
    • One of the best organised workforces in Britain is being butchered without a hint of real resistance.
    • Atkinson claimed that firms were increasingly seeking and achieving greater flexibility from their workforces by such procedures.
    • This pace is broadly comparable with the trend in manufacturing workforces in America, Britain and most other western economies.
    • The higher minimum wage will induce some employers to reduce their workforces, others to change nonwage terms of the contract.
    • Yes, there may be underutilized workforces globally, but there is notably less available supply of copper, platinum, and crude oil.
    • I can tell members that people actually made the choice to join labouring workforces rather than go to tertiary education.
    • The event recognised the achievements of the company category awards winners for their work in tackling age discrimination, and promoting the benefits of mixed age workforces.
    • Matthews also examines the workforces attracted both by the fruit and technology industries, with a particular focus on immigrant women.