Translation of workgroup in Spanish:


grupo de trabajadores, n.


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    (que trabajan conjuntamente) grupo de trabajadores masculine
    • Victims were generally located within the main work group and sometimes identified as ‘stars’ who received the most nominations from fellow team members as preferred people to work with.
    • The workforce is team-based, operating in work groups.
    • With commitments to friends and work groups within the League, it's just another tie that binds me to the outside world and keeps me from retreating into a shell on the couch.
    • The plan, under which about one-third of other work groups have accepted voluntary redundancy, is already set to cost over €190 million.
    • The work groups come to the area from May through August.
    • A total of 1068 municipal employees representing 65 different work groups were randomly selected from an eligible workforce of about 5000 employees.
    • They can join other work groups or work within one of the many formal and informal conferencing formats available on each floor without the intervention of a systems administrator.
    • Community spirit is fostered through work groups, comprising the oldest and most experienced campers, who guide younger, newer campers through first days at the camp and while undertaking community projects.
    • It has to be accomplished manager by manager, work group by work group.
    • Those work groups are responsible for developing initiatives within their portfolios, and those work groups consist of people from a whole range of places across the organisation.
    • When employers want to reward all members of a hierarchical work group equally, they usually raise every member's wage by the same percentage.
    • There has been a lot of work done but there is still a lot to do so anyone who would like to help out can join the work group on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.
    • When this originates from within the struggling work group, there is often greater commitment to the solution.
    • Well, each day that goes by that they don't achieve a deal with their pilot union and the other work groups, the odds of forced liquidation, I think, increase.
    • We choose work groups: setting the breakfast tables, chopping vegetables, sweeping.
    • Discursive assessments are a valuable source for supervisors and senior managers to learn ‘what really goes on’ within a work group, a type of information that is not likely to be captured in any kind of documentary assessment.
    • American management literature, both popular and scholarly, is rife with advice that managers should increase workforce diversity to enhance work group effectiveness.
    • She wanted me to follow her about as she went from work group to work group monitoring their jobs.
    • I hope that others can take the lessons learned here to their own work groups.
    • Residents are requested to assemble along the main driveway so that work groups can be assigned.
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    grupo de trabajo masculine
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    grupo en prácticas masculine