Translation of working class in Spanish:

working class

Pronunciation /ˈwərkɪŋ ˈˌklæs///


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    the working class(es) la clase obrera / trabajadora
    • You thus argue that reducing corporate income taxes benefits big business but not the working classes.
    • Of course, many of the latter could be working class in the Marxist definition of the term.
    • Higher wages gave the working classes greater consuming power than they had had in Britain.
    • The working class has to behave collectively because it is organised collectively.
    • Middle-class models of domesticity gradually spread into both the working classes and aristocratic elites.
    • The working classes and middle classes are now at the mercies of the regional land market.
    • They are drawn largely from a social layer which itself is not part of the working class or peasantry.
    • It was a means of incorporating the working classes within the existing social and political order, and thus preventing the threat of revolt from below.
    • Indeed, the resistance of the working classes to socialist ideas made them the despair of middle-class intellectuals.
    • He was from a ruling class background but took up the cause of the working class.
    • Though the absolute level of social mobility has grown, there has been no change in the relative mobility rates between the middle and working classes.
    • It shows the splendour of Europe's royal families while documenting the poverty of the working classes.
    • The least likely to reach a later retirement age are from the manual working class.
    • He suggests that Marx lost his faith in the ability of the working class to fight for change.
    • But it is clear, if sometimes understated, that the Resistance relied largely on the left and the working classes.
    • Living standards, however, have plummeted for the middle and working classes.
    • The capitalist class are spoken for, the working class in big numbers are sitting this one out.
    • He did not ignore the working class, but he made no attempt to help it organise.
    • In turn it is the working class who are the main victims of sectarian division.
    • For the working class, the fact that there is free association is very important indeed.


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    (person/family) de clase obrera
    (person/family) de clase trabajadora
    (area) obrero