Translation of workspace in Spanish:


espacio para trabajar, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwərkˌspeɪs//ˈwəːkspeɪs/


  • 1

    (space to work in)
    espacio para trabajar masculine
    there's workspace for 20 people hay espacio para que trabajen 20 personas
    • The centre is housed in the long empty Casino Centre Arcade with the large open space at the rear ideal for an artist's workspace big enough to house large sculptures.
    • Privacy and noise, in fact, are the two biggest issues that enter the picture when workspace is being compressed and streamlined.
    • He said it was hoped the building could house community workspace, training rooms, local enterprise and a business start-up project.
    • We need to be able to take workspace and education space into account as well if we are to build communities for the future.
    • Moveable walls allow budding entrepreneurs to turn rooms into workspace, and each flat has broadband access.
    • Decorate your workspace according to your personal interests.
    • ‘We need an accessible space that will give us workspace,’ continued Rachel.
    • Raising the roof and adding a room for workspace above your existing garage can be a good solution to balancing time at home with earning a living.
    • More than three-quarters said it was important to be allowed to personalize their workspace while almost half complained about a lack of privacy.
    • The rebuilt media center will offer seating and workspace for 170 people, an increase of approximately 30 from the old press box.
    • The lounging area, table, and workspace looked out into space through the window.
    • The size, shape and location of workspace for many people is often a result of accident and history.
    • A computer desk has been cleverly built into the far wall to provide a structured and private workspace but this room could equally be used as a play room or another bedroom.
    • To enhance the rhythmic nature of your work, do a walk-through of your personal workspace with your staff to see if you can make it more efficient and ergonomic.
    • Our earlier thinking was about how technology affects our living space, including your workspace.
    • It makes sense, but I have been asked to share workspace with some people I am sure I cannot share with.
    • The quality of time spent in this space would reflect on the quality of time spent in one's workspace and living space.
    • It's one of the many workspace changes that is bringing us closer to a time when job title will have no bearing on the size and shape of personal workspace.
    • Additions like these ensure that any personal workspace that is taken away is replaced with space that benefits employees in ways they may appreciate even more than an extra foot of floorspace or their own filing cabinet.
    • The space in front of the tents is his workspace and he gives shape to his wares and colours them there.
  • 2

    (with masculine article in the singular) área de trabajo feminine
    • You can create your own workspace, paper space, templates, and views, as well as custom toolboxes, menus, and keystroke macros.
    • Backup tapes, paper files copied for storage offsite, or temporary workspaces - known as ‘hot sites,’ with a carbon copy of the destroyed network - are all options.
    • Selecting one of the workspaces leads to that workspace opening, and the appearance of a set of tabs along the bottom of the UI, as well as a set of context sensitive menus in a tool bar at the top.
    • These devices generally accommodate objects within a limited workspace and collect data via a mechanical touch probe.
    • Most file-sharing would take place in the sorts of encrypted workspaces designed for business but adapted for this sort of social activity.