Translation of workstation in Spanish:


terminal de trabajo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwəːksteɪʃ(ə)n//ˈwərkˌsteɪʃ(ə)n/



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    terminal de trabajo masculine
    • Access to the workstation is provided by personal computers, which run Windows 95.
    • You can also run it on your personal workstation since the Linux tools can run in the background.
    • It will feature high-end multimedia workstations, networked wireless laptops and express-type terminals.
    • The Dell range of products includes personal computers, workstations, laptops, file servers, storage devices and, recently, printers.
    • Managing the storage inside desktops, workstations and servers in an office can be a daunting task as each computer has its own disk drive containing data that must be backed up, restored and archived.
    • The design and built quality make it a good choice for a file server on a local network or an advanced workstation.
    • Copying from multiple drives on multiple workstations over a slow network further compounds the problems and is an almost certain prescription for not matching the potential performance of tape drives with the flow of data.
    • Because the program also works as a time server, it can synchronize network workstations that don't have Internet connection.
    • However, physical access control provides a very limited degree of protection for computer resources, which can include networks, PCs, workstations and laptops.
    • To avoid booting from floppy disks, the workstations needed bootable network cards.
    • This kind of computing can transform a local network of workstations into a virtual supercomputer.
    • Development was done using desktop and lab workstations, targeting laptop and embedded computers for field use.
    • Dell will trim prices by up to 22 percent on desktops, notebooks, workstations, servers, monitors and, of course, printers.
    • Traditionally, legacy applications, or green screens, are accessed from modern desktop workstations using emulation software.
    • You want to backup networked user workstations.
    • Symantec plans to develop versions of the software for servers, workstations, laptops and handheld devices.
    • It costs less to make a cluster computer out of a group of personal computers or workstations than to buy a supercomputer to perform enormous mathematical tasks.
    • MIT's goal was to build their existing assortment of incompatible workstations from various manufacturers into a network of graphical workstations.
    • The network includes everything from workstations to super computers.
    • The Enterprise line is designed for professional use on mission-critical servers or corporate workstations with powerful hardware and the need for the highest possible stability.