Translation of worldly in Spanish:


material, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈwəːldli//ˈwərldli/


  • 1

    (goods) material
    (desires) mundano
    • All the above men wanted a more spiritual and less worldly religion.
    • In a culture that measures everything in terms of size, success, and influence, we have to say no to these worldly values as well.
    • Franklin's recognition of ceramics and silver as potent symbols of worldly success rang true.
    • Honour, duty and order had always driven him, and earned him worldly success despite that relative lack of ambition.
    • Not all the Reformers were willing to make the clear separation between the worldly and the spiritual kingdoms that Luther made.
    • But another part of me says that you can't split the spiritual and the worldly quite so easily.
    • Which is more important, the worldly existence or the heavenly one?
    • He had discovered a middle way, free from attachment to either worldly or spiritual identity.
    • Another delegation tries to get in, this one with more worldly clout and more success.
    • Religion advocates that we must renounce all worldly material things and become ascetics.
    • From his seat in exile at Rumtek, he had built a spiritual and worldly empire with millions of followers and extensive assets.
    • To some the praise of politicians may seem but the glorification of worldly success.
    • The pride of worldly success will not bring any lasting peace and can quite easily destroy a person's soul.
    • During the walk in the dark you are meant to let go of worldly concerns.
    • She was concerned in a variety of other ways to look after his welfare, both spiritual and worldly.
    • How, it asks, is poetic talent related to worldly success, and ought one to live if the talent burns out?
    • Bathed in the red morning light he looked like a young angel - albeit a rather worldly one.
    • Her response is to renegotiate the boundaries between spiritual faith and worldly economies.
    • At this age I've had a lot of career and I'm less concerned about my worldly success.
    • The appeal was to civic conscience rather than worldly vanity: someone had to perform this important task.
  • 2

    (person) de mucho mundo
    (charm/manner) sofisticado
    worldly wisdom mundo masculine
    • Blinkered voters get the parochial leaders they want rather than the worldly leaders they presumably need.
    • For his age, Pyp was a clever child and the past weeks had matured him into a little worldly man.
    • My parents didn't have any money but they were worldly and very practical.
    • However she was hardly a naive character falling for the guile of worldly men.
    • Looking to the side, he is more worldly than she, more concerned with what others are doing and thinking.
    • They are worldly, intelligent, well-read and hopeful about having a decent future.
    • He was an intelligent, worldly man whose passion for social equality and justice impressed her greatly.
    • She uses particular features to portray herself as a sophisticated, worldly woman.
    • Her experiences in Mozambique had made her much more worldly than the girls she would encounter at school in America.
    • He seems to represent the sort of man she has dreamed about - worldly, charming and cultured.
    • Younger people will ask you important and earnest questions only an experienced and worldly man of age can answer.
    • The cops have copies of emails from a naïve analyst to his more worldly colleagues.
    • She knew that if she poised her laughs right, she sounded sophisticated and worldly.
    • Selfless work done with full heart and perfection is the best way for the worldly person to realize his inner Self.
    • In important although quite different ways, these women are more worldly and stronger than he.
    • These kinds of horror stories might scare kids, but they're unlikely to scare worldly adults.
    • He's a very interesting, very worldly man and he is interested in me.
    • They celebrated China as a great nation and presented themselves as worldly cosmopolitans.
    • As he grew older, his comedy expanded and became at the same time more personal and more worldly.
    • Australians love America, but any worldly person knows you do not threaten Aussies.