Translation of worry in Spanish:


preocupación, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈwʌri//ˈwəri/


  • 1

    (trouble, problem)
    preocupación feminine
    his biggest worry is his child's well-being su mayor preocupación es el bienestar de su hijo
    • that's the least of our worries eso es lo que menos nos preocupa
    • he has serious financial worries tiene serios problemas económicos
    • our eldest son is a great worry to us nuestro hijo mayor nos da / nos causa muchas preocupaciones
    • no worries ningún problema
  • 2

    (distress, anxiety)
    preocupación feminine
    inquietud feminine
    this has been a great source of worry to her esto la ha tenido muy preocupada / inquieta
    • there's no cause for worry no hay motivo para preocuparse / inquietarse
    • she's been giving us a lot of worry (due to illness) nos ha tenido muy preocupados

transitive verb

  • 1

    I don't want to worry him no quiero preocuparlo / inquietarlo
    • what's worrying you? ¿qué es lo que te preocupa?
    • it worries him to think that … le preocupa pensar que …
    • that bill has been worrying me all morning esa cuenta me ha tenido preocupado toda la mañana
    • that doesn't worry me (expressing indifference) eso me tiene / me trae sin cuidado
    • I don't want to worry you with my problems no te quiero molestar con mis problemas
    • The OPW's major worry was about any potential legal liability to the government.
    • We look forward to seeing what he says in the interview, and at least a bidding war will help relieve some of his well-documented financial worries.
    • She struggled to cope with huge financial worries, and ongoing problems concerning the sale of timber from the estate.
    • For some, family violence, triggered by the stresses of unemployment and financial worries, emerged as a serious problem.
    • While some were losing their nerve amid mounting financial worries, the bullish chief executive insisted that the opportunity had to be seized.
    • She bore it stoically and quietly, cut expenses to ease his financial worries, and made sure no one outside the family found out.
    • They now face Christmas with financial worries hanging over them.
    • If, on top of studying and living, you work 20 or so hours a week and still encounter continuous financial worries, your grades are bound to suffer.
    • For Peter de Savary, though, it is the potential economic damage which is the main worry.
    • Bank runs are one of the biggest worries of China's financial authorities, given that bad loan ratios are believed to be as high as 75 percent at some local banks.
    • Financial worries, a stressful job, redundancy or fear of unemployment, even moving house, can trigger depression in vulnerable people.
    • Don't let financial worries stress you out and burn your credit card before it burns you.
    • He has the additional worry of a troublesome pupil.
    • Chronic stress, such as financial worries, is less well understood than are intermittent bouts of acute stress.
    • The constant worry of a repeat of autumn 2000 is the lasting legacy of the floods.
    • One potential worry for Cablevision is the growth of direct-broadcast satellite services in the New York area.
    • In contrast to his early years, his later life was marked by financial worries, frustration and disappointment.
    • This time however, there's a much more positive spin on things - I'm getting on top of the grander scheme of financial worries, and coping by myself.
    • His actual worry will lie in maintaining harmony among such a gathering of outstanding footballers who will all understandably feel that they should start matches.
    • We came from old families without financial worries.
    • As she started to uncover her basket, concern and worry gripped me.
    • Most of them had long since fallen asleep but he felt this deep feeling of worry troubling him.
    • They are in constant worry, for themselves as well as for their children.
    • More worrying, however, is the effect low morale and constant worry could have on managers' performance, he says.
    • It was a journey fraught with worry and panic, as I managed to convince myself that I had left the gas on at home!
    • If young people have any worries or concerns they can find someone to listen to them and to share their concerns with.
    • She felt concern and worry, and anything beyond that wouldn't come.
    • Poor Melindisar must be quite anxious with worry by now.
    • The result will be worry and potential poverty for millions, and for some losing their homes when they cannot keep up payments after retiring.
    • Her father then had one less worry to trouble his mind over.
    • He was too anxious and full of worry about the upcoming war.
    • I don't miss the anxiety, stress, worry, pain that she has put me through over the last month or so.
    • The angel asked, concern and worry ebbing from his voice.
    • Sunday was the day I had fun and laughed without any sort of trouble or lingering worry.
    • Concern, worry, guilt - a mixture of emotions swam in his expression, pain in his wide eyes.
    • With a deflated share price a constant source of worry, the possibility of Atlantic itself being bought out remains an issue.
    • Finally I had to decide between my constant worry and frustration and extending my customers' credit.
    • The eyes of the man standing beside the bed were welling with the vaguest mix of pity, anxiety, worry, sympathy, and pain.
    • I saw concern, confusion, worry, pain, disappointment and curiosity, and I tried to hide from them.
    • He held her hands tighter and drew her to him, concern and worry in his eyes.
  • 2

    (harass, attack)
    the dog has been worrying the sheep el perro ha estado acosando / molestando a las ovejas
  • 3

    (work on)
    he worries the problem until he finds a solution le da vueltas al problema hasta que le encuentra una solución
    • the dog was worrying a bone el perro jugueteaba con un hueso

intransitive verb

  • 1

    she worries a lot se preocupa mucho
    • worrying never did anyone any good con preocuparse no se gana / no se saca nada
    • there's no need to worry no hay por qué preocuparse
    • not to worry no te preocupes
    • shall I wash the dishes? — no, don't worry ¿quieres que lave los platos? — no, no te molestes
    • it's going to get much worse, don't you worry! va a empeorar mucho más, ya vas a ver
    • you should worry, you have another job to go to ¿y tú qué problema tienes? ¡tú ya tienes otro trabajo!
    • to worry about sth/sb preocuparse por algo/algn
    • he never worries about anything no se preocupa por nada
    • don't worry about us no te preocupes por nosotros
    • I worry about her living on her own me preocupa que viva sola
    • I still owe you some money — no, don't worry about it aún te debo dinero — no, déjalo

reflexive verb

  • 1

    to worry oneself about sth/sb preocuparse por algo/algn
    • I've been worrying myself sick / silly / to death about you he estado preocupadísimo / muy preocupado por ti