Translation of worry in Spanish:


preocupación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwʌri//ˈwəri/

nounPlural worries

  • 1

    (trouble, problem)
    preocupación feminine
    his biggest worry is his child's well-being su mayor preocupación es el bienestar de su hijo
    • that's the least of our worries eso es lo que menos nos preocupa
    • he has serious financial worries tiene serios problemas económicos
    • our eldest son is a great worry to us nuestro hijo mayor nos da / nos causa muchas preocupaciones
    • They now face Christmas with financial worries hanging over them.
    • The OPW's major worry was about any potential legal liability to the government.
    • If, on top of studying and living, you work 20 or so hours a week and still encounter continuous financial worries, your grades are bound to suffer.
    • In contrast to his early years, his later life was marked by financial worries, frustration and disappointment.
    • Bank runs are one of the biggest worries of China's financial authorities, given that bad loan ratios are believed to be as high as 75 percent at some local banks.
    • Financial worries, a stressful job, redundancy or fear of unemployment, even moving house, can trigger depression in vulnerable people.
    • For Peter de Savary, though, it is the potential economic damage which is the main worry.
    • She struggled to cope with huge financial worries, and ongoing problems concerning the sale of timber from the estate.
    • One potential worry for Cablevision is the growth of direct-broadcast satellite services in the New York area.
    • Chronic stress, such as financial worries, is less well understood than are intermittent bouts of acute stress.
    • She bore it stoically and quietly, cut expenses to ease his financial worries, and made sure no one outside the family found out.
    • He has the additional worry of a troublesome pupil.
    • Don't let financial worries stress you out and burn your credit card before it burns you.
    • We look forward to seeing what he says in the interview, and at least a bidding war will help relieve some of his well-documented financial worries.
    • The constant worry of a repeat of autumn 2000 is the lasting legacy of the floods.
    • For some, family violence, triggered by the stresses of unemployment and financial worries, emerged as a serious problem.
    • While some were losing their nerve amid mounting financial worries, the bullish chief executive insisted that the opportunity had to be seized.
    • His actual worry will lie in maintaining harmony among such a gathering of outstanding footballers who will all understandably feel that they should start matches.
    • We came from old families without financial worries.
    • This time however, there's a much more positive spin on things - I'm getting on top of the grander scheme of financial worries, and coping by myself.
  • 2

    (distress, anxiety)
    preocupación feminine
    inquietud feminine
    this has been a great source of worry to her esto la ha tenido muy preocupada / inquieta
    • there's no cause for worry no hay motivo para preocuparse / inquietarse
    • she's been giving us a lot of worry (due to behavior) nos ha estado dando / causando muchas preocupaciones
    • The angel asked, concern and worry ebbing from his voice.
    • With a deflated share price a constant source of worry, the possibility of Atlantic itself being bought out remains an issue.
    • If young people have any worries or concerns they can find someone to listen to them and to share their concerns with.
    • As she started to uncover her basket, concern and worry gripped me.
    • Most of them had long since fallen asleep but he felt this deep feeling of worry troubling him.
    • They are in constant worry, for themselves as well as for their children.
    • She felt concern and worry, and anything beyond that wouldn't come.
    • I don't miss the anxiety, stress, worry, pain that she has put me through over the last month or so.
    • Poor Melindisar must be quite anxious with worry by now.
    • The result will be worry and potential poverty for millions, and for some losing their homes when they cannot keep up payments after retiring.
    • He was too anxious and full of worry about the upcoming war.
    • Concern, worry, guilt - a mixture of emotions swam in his expression, pain in his wide eyes.
    • It was a journey fraught with worry and panic, as I managed to convince myself that I had left the gas on at home!
    • Sunday was the day I had fun and laughed without any sort of trouble or lingering worry.
    • He held her hands tighter and drew her to him, concern and worry in his eyes.
    • I saw concern, confusion, worry, pain, disappointment and curiosity, and I tried to hide from them.
    • Finally I had to decide between my constant worry and frustration and extending my customers' credit.
    • The eyes of the man standing beside the bed were welling with the vaguest mix of pity, anxiety, worry, sympathy, and pain.
    • Her father then had one less worry to trouble his mind over.
    • More worrying, however, is the effect low morale and constant worry could have on managers' performance, he says.

transitive verbworries, worried, worrying

  • 1

    I don't want to worry him no quiero preocuparlo / inquietarlo
    • what's worrying you? ¿qué es lo que te preocupa?
    • it worries him to think that … le preocupa pensar que …
    • that bill has been worrying me all morning esa cuenta me ha tenido preocupado toda la mañana
    • that doesn't worry me eso no me preocupa
    • I don't want to worry you with my problems no te quiero molestar con mis problemas
    • It has done nothing to curb my anxiety; in fact, it has only made my anxiety worse because I worry about being tired all the time.
    • Moose recalls that he had difficulty sleeping during the investigation and that he worried about whether he would be allowed to remain in control of the murder hunt.
    • Tourism Concern worries that undefined ecotourism falls prey to ‘greenwash’ marketing.
    • A child with generalized anxiety worries a lot about everyday events.
    • Scanlon, whose husband left her to bring up children aged three and one, said most parents worried about whether they could cope.
    • White often needed other people to convince him that he really could bat and bowl among the best in the world but he still worried about whether he was suited to the particular role he was given.
    • I sometimes worry that the concern over self-identity obscures a far bigger problem.
    • Even when I don't want to be worrying, the anxiety is always in the background like a taut violin string.
    • He can then try making an exact likeness without having to worry about being too concerned about how good looking it is.
    • They worried that their concern had no effect on me at all.
    • Pleasure is mixed with anxiety as you worry about the smooth running of business and availability of significant opportunities.
    • But looking at the food which seemed somewhat unsanitary, we worried about whether it would cause other problems later.
    • Matt worried about the security aspect, I worried about the actual wedding.
    • Antiwar activists shouldn't worry that their concerns will be given short shrift.
    • They worried about her health and called in a doctor who confirmed her blood pressure had gone down.
    • It is naive to think that non-Hindus will worry about issues which concern Hindus.
    • Doing so raises separation of powers concerns that continue to worry many.
    • Police had worried about trouble after the match but apart from a few incidents of drunkenness the upset didn't cause patrols any problems.
    • I don't really worry about the future too much.
    • It made you do silly things and it gave you an awful headache, but we never worried about the risks, let alone the long-term health consequences.
  • 2

    • 2.1(harass, attack)

      the dog has been worrying the sheep el perro ha estado acosando / molestando a las ovejas
      • It is natural for a wolf to worry a lamb, but when a lamb worries another lamb then it is a monstrous business.
      • Ultimately, if a dog is off its lead and worrying the deer then the park authorities are entitled to shoot it.
      • It will certainly offer some protection in terms of sheep being worried by dogs that escape from hunters.
      • He pointed out: 'Owners should be aware that farmers are legally entitled to shoot dogs which may be worrying their sheep.'
      • It now appears that this dog is worrying cattle, sometimes with other dogs.
      • The law states that if dogs worry sheep in any way then farmers are within their rights to shoot them.
      • They would surely not be associated with the minority of hikers who leave gates open, stray from the footpaths or let their unattended dogs worry sheep but these people do exist.
      • Some claimed that they attacked young calves and worried the bigger animals.
      • Farmers do not all agree with the hunt, and those who don't shoot the foxes that worry their animals, and this is a far more effective method of control.
      • Under the Animals Act 1971, a farmer can shoot any dog that is worrying livestock, without liability.
      • Farmers have been particularly worried about walkers in newly opened areas letting their dogs off leads to worry sheep and cause other nuisance.
      • A farmer is allowed to shoot a dog if it is worrying his sheep.
      • Even family pets can terrify and worry sheep and lambs.

    • 2.2(work on)

      he worries the problem until he finds a solution le da vueltas al problema hasta que le encuentra una solución
      • the dog was worrying a bone el perro jugueteaba con un hueso

intransitive verbworries, worried, worrying

  • 1

    she worries a lot se preocupa mucho
    • worrying never did anyone any good con preocuparse no se gana / no se saca nada
    • there's no need to worry no hay por qué preocuparse
    • shall I wash the dishes? — no, don't worry ¿quieres que lave los platos? — no, no te molestes
    • it's going to get much worse, don't you worry! va a empeorar mucho más, ya vas a ver
    • you should worry, you have another job to go to ¿y tú qué problema tienes? ¡tú ya tienes otro trabajo!
    • to worry about sth/sb preocuparse por algo/algn
    • he never worries about anything no se preocupa por nada
    • don't worry about us no te preocupes por nosotros
    • I worry about her living on her own me preocupa que viva sola
    • I still owe you some money — no, don't worry about it aún te debo dinero — no, déjalo

reflexive verbworries, worried, worrying

  • 1

    to worry oneself about sth/sb preocuparse por algo/algn