Translation of worthy in Spanish:


digno, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈwəːði//ˈwərði/


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    • 1.1(appropriate, equal)

      (successor/opponent) digno
      is it really a worthy subject for so much attention? ¿es realmente un tema que merezca tanta atención?
      • to be worthy of sth/sb ser digno de algo/algn
      • a meal worthy of the occasion una comida digna de la ocasión
      • this work isn't worthy of you este trabajo te desmerece / no está a tu altura
      • worthy of the name digno de tal nombre
      • All I know is that he's not worthy enough to sit at our table anymore.
      • It's a comic-relief part, but situated in a suitably worthy backdrop, and it affords the actress big moments of pathos as well.
      • You do not see her worthy enough for a bond so sacred as marriage.
      • Owners of expensive and potentially great wines end up fretting about the condition under the cork or saving them for far too long, because a worthy enough event always eludes them.
      • We are looking for a side of 10 student warriors worthy enough to battle against a team of 10 developers in six rounds of two undisclosed games.
      • I do hope you are worthy enough for the challenge, though I must admit our first meeting was something of a disappointment.
      • The players felt emboldened by the result against Chelsea, sure that they had asserted their right to be considered as worthy heirs to the great United teams.
      • Salted meats and fish were considered low-status ingredients, appropriate for labourers but not for nobles, and certainly not worthy enough to be treated with spices.
      • In education, girls, who were once considered less worthy of a decent education, now outstrip their male counterparts at almost every stage.
      • It was an amazing, elegant room, one very worthy of first class travel.
      • No mortal lips are worthy to pronounce your name.
      • The following comprehension skills are indeed worthy to use.
      • The suggestion that anyone is more worthy to represent the people now because of what his great-grandfather was doing hundreds of years ago is ridiculous!
      • Geordie Dave, a regular at Nervous Wreck Soi Yamato, decided the Rotary Charity Walk was a worthy cause, worthy enough for him to do the eight kilometer walk himself.
      • In my mind's eye, this was a sign that maybe I would be tempted to stray, and thus not worthy enough to get married.
      • We are not worthy to eat the crumbs from under your table,
      • They don't have to give awards in all 24 categories each year, or even have five nominees if they don't believe there are enough worthy candidates.
      • We appreciate that they have many calls on their funding so are especially grateful that they considered us worthy recipients.
      • A former Carlow senior footballer and coach to the county team, Micheál will be considered a most worthy recipient of the Hall of Fame.
      • Ideally, Gooden will prove himself worthy enough to be a fifth starter or a long reliever.

    • 1.2(deserving)

      worthy of sth digno de algo
      • a point worthy of mention algo digno de mención
      • to be worthy of sth ser digno / merecedor de algo
      • he isn't worthy of such honors no es digno / merecedor de tales honores
      • They faced each other, each bowing slightly in respect to a worthy opponent.
      • It takes time and effort to overcome such obstacles that are inevitable in a worthy and noble endeavour.
      • In conclusion, this book is a worthy effort with a clearly argued message, full of informative and entertaining details.
      • It was not only a great day for everyone, but a fine effort for a worthy cause.
      • The station and its shop will be offering visitors a cup of tea and a mince pie when they come along, in a fund-raising effort for this very worthy charity.
      • At the age of 60 he has returned to the theme in his new film Rita's Legends, in every respect a worthy follow-up to the earlier work.
      • How can anyone deem a work of art as being somehow more worthy or deserving than another?
      • Olive likes to paint in her spare time and works mostly in watercolours and has sold some of her work so praise from Olive is worthy.
      • All the applications are for worthy causes and all deserving of support.
      • All these things have now gotten their rightful due, and it's time to turn our attention to other worthy subjects.
      • The Producers is a worthy comedic effort that hints at Brooks' genius to follow, but the screenplay is ultimately the best thing about this film.
      • The Sports Development Committee work tirelessly to promote sport in Newry and Mourne and for that they received worthy praise.
      • Do you know of any fellow citizen, who has lately done a worthy action, deserving praise and imitation?
      • They were a pleasure to work with and it is great to see young people putting in a lot of time and effort for a very worthy cause.
      • They have gained a worthy reputation and are an active group with sixteen performers.
      • These efforts and acts of generosity have helped to fund a worthy community service that positively impacts the lives of hundreds of people in Kitchener-Waterloo.
      • Brian is to be congratulated on his courageous effort for such a worthy cause.
      • Best of fare was provided and compliments to the faithful organisers who put so much effort into such a worthy undertaking.
      • Novels may be the glamour end of the book trade but they are notoriously difficult to sell, especially in hardback, and many worthy efforts fall by the wayside.
      • Like her first novel, this worthy sophomore effort spans the globe, hopping from the States, Europe and the Phillipines to Mother Africa.

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    (good, estimable)
    (person) respetable
    (person) honorable
    (attempt) encomiable
    (attempt) meritorio
    worthy work buenas obras feminine
    • a worthy cause una buena causa
    • a worthy effort un esfuerzo encomiable / meritorio
    • It is hard to evaluate Millet's work; the intention is so worthy and, although without subtlety, so persuasive, but the artistry is so deficient.
    • Wind farms are a horrible example of what happens when people with worthy intentions try to construct an ideology around them.
    • My generation was raised on a diet of stultifyingly tedious, but worthy accounts of embryology, typically very badly printed on what appeared to be rice paper.
    • Usually it was a long and, I often felt, unnecessarily drawn-out and tedious experience where worthy but dull homilies were addressed to the assembled Gaels.
    • All of which contributes to making Sylvia a film which, while certainly worthy in intent, won't have very many people seeking to find out more about the poet.


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    personaje importante masculine
    personaje ilustre masculine