Translation of wraparound in Spanish:


cruzado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈrapəraʊnd//ˈræpəˌraʊnd/


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    (skirt/dress) cruzado
    • The range includes silver Puffa jackets, plastic buckle wrap-around skirts, luminous vest tops and fleece trousers.
    • Hausa women wear a wrap-around robe made of colorful cloth with a matching blouse, head tie, and shawl.
    • She was now wearing a slate wrap-around shirt, and a grey coat.
    • There's a hint of gipsy in the long, layered skirt; of the geisha in the wrap-over kimono tops with trailing butterfly sleeves and of the beach babe in the long, floaty kaftan.
    • Women generally wear a loose, scoop-necked smock over a long skirt made by a wrap-around piece of cloth.
    • I wore a black shirt and dhoti (a wrap-around waist cloth) and applied sandalwood paste and kumkum (red powder) to my forehead.
    • She is wearing a ridiculously revealing wrap-over skirt, and he is carrying a vast number of books.
    • Giorgio Armani has harmonized beads and sequins to create a shiny jewel of a wrap-around top.
    • Traditional clothing for Thai women consists of a prasin, or a wrap-around skirt, which is worn with a fitted, long-sleeved jacket.
    • Look out for fashionable twists on uniform basics such as wrap-over cargo-style skirts from £9.
    • Dressed by Isaac Mizrahi in a black sarong-like skirt and white wrap-around top, he played with several small, often musical, props - a set of finger cymbals, a pair of castanets, a fan, and even a cylinder lit from inside.
    • She is wearing a brown patterned cotton blouse, a wrap-around skirt made from a local fabric called ankara and black sandals.
    • In 1572, the Spanish prohibited the Quechua from wearing native Inca tunics and wrap-around dresses.
    • She was wearing a denim very mini mini-skirt and a cream coloured Chinese-style wrap-around t-shirt.
    • For the most sumptuous layering for relaxing at home, wear slouchy drawstring trousers, cami and an oversized wrap-around cardigan in grey marl cashmere mix.
    • ‘Zen sport’ confronts us with asymmetrical wrap-over forms and kimono cuts in shiny jersey or quilted matelasse.
    • Granny then put away her good clothes and strategically placed the mothballs before putting on her blue wrap-around apron to finish the unpacking.
    • Ms. Stewart's blonde hair hid her face as she exited the car, but she pushed it back as she climbed the steps, wearing a dark wrap-around coat, brown trousers and high-heeled brown boots.
    • Today, Jones enjoys the audience's reaction when she comes out in leather pants and a wrap-around blouse.
    • It's a two-piece, with a sleeveless shirt and a wrap-around skirt.