Translation of wrapper in Spanish:


envoltorio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrapə//ˈræpər/


  • 1

    (round food) envoltorio masculine
    (round food) envoltura feminine
    (round cigar) envoltura feminine
    (for newspaper, book) faja feminine
    (dust jacket) sobrecubierta feminine
    (dust jacket) camisa feminine
    • The litter, plastic bags, food wrappers and cold drink and beer cans in front of the post office are still there.
    • There are no bins and a few pieces of fast-food wrappers; sweet papers and bottles are the main offenders.
    • Mr Morrissey pointed out that wrappers, sweet papers, empty cans, chip bags and plastic bottles made up the majority of the rubbish.
    • And the title, suddenly revealed, stares out at me from beneath the cellophane wrapper of the cover.
    • The posters are aimed at people dropping fast food wrappers and leftovers, predominantly in the town centre.
    • The bulk of the litter we noticed composed of drink cans and bottles, plastic food boxes and bags, sweet and sandwich wrappers.
    • The crew chattered as they helped themselves to the supplies, covering the floor of the bridge with empty wrappers and stray crumbs of food in moments.
    • Stamps were attached to the wrapper of the newspaper and couriers were hired to deliver Court to subscribers.
    • There were light scatterings of sweet papers and fast-food wrappers along this busy road.
    • She never read it and the copies just accumulated around the house still in their plastic wrappers.
    • Prior to the turn of the century, the Corojo wrapper was the predominant wrapper tobacco used when rolling the famous Cuban brands.
    • Today's trip to the town dump was made odoriferous by two large plastic wrappers holding the grass cuttings from yesterday's mowing activities.
    • The advisers also want cigarettes to be sold in plain wrappers to make them less attractive to young smokers after new research found a proportion of the public were drawn to stylish cigarette packaging.
    • When bringing the hunt out to the backyard, foil wrappers will protect the eggs from dirt and debris, allowing for fun as well as a sanitary outdoor hunt.
    • Cigarettes began being sold in Britain in the 1850s, initially just sold in paper wrappers.
    • You should have seen the lads' faces when I emerged waving the foil wrapper from a pork pie.
    • Neal grabbed the packet of tissues and pulled them out, leaving only the plastic wrapper, which he ripped in half.
    • Several months ago, our Conservation Services Division was asked to design a book wrapper for the use of the Princeton University Library.
    • She also has in her possession thousands of plastic bottles and cellophane wrappers.
    • Quite often, coupons are part of the packaging so always check wrappers and cartons carefully before you lob them into the swing-bin.
    • If teens today feel they have time only to log on to the net and cyber chat, then they are not only shutting their minds off, but also loosing a lot of the rich heritage bound in between the wrappers of the books.
    • As well as the usual beer cans and plastic wrappers, Mr Burke regularly walked past rusting bike frames, an old scooter, an oil drum, and even an abandoned lamppost.
    • Some sweet and fast food wrappers and plastic bottles littered the area.
    • The bin in the corner held sweet wrappers, papers and strands of cotton, pieces of fabric.
    • I peered at the albums underneath the plastic cellophane wrappers.
    • Maybe you could start sending the magazine out in a plain brown wrapper.
    • They may only shop for a certain wrapper or they only buy cigars that cost $4.
    • But already in the playground off Cambria Bridge Road bottle tops, cigarette ends, chip wrappers and sweet papers surround the teen shelter, a sight that some people think will worsen.
  • 2dated

    bata feminine
    salto de cama masculine Southern Cone
    • Ekeleke masqueraders dance gracefully on short stilts, wear George-cloth wrappers, and cover their faces with a piece of lace.
    • The grand boubou (big boubou) consists of a gown worn over a shirt and trousers for men, and over a wrapper with a head-scarf for women.
    • We use cloth gowns, drapes, and wrappers at our facility, and the laundering of our linen is contracted to on outside laundry service.
    • She reached into the diminutive pocket located near the bodice of her wrapper, and procured a set of metallic keys hanging from a rather large gold ring.