Translation of wrapping paper in Spanish:

wrapping paper

papel de envolver, n.


  • 1

    (plain) papel de envolver masculine
    (decorative) papel de regalo masculine
    • Woolworths in Regent Street has several aisles of Christmas selection boxes, decorations and wrapping paper.
    • With more than 100 shopping days still to go, Christmas cards and wrapping paper are already on sale.
    • Rian sighed and placed a fairly large present wrapped in silver wrapping paper back on top of the table.
    • I purchased a wedding present and some wrapping paper earlier today.
    • He ripped off the purple wrapping paper and let it drop to the floor, whereupon it was attacked by Alex's cat, and best friend, Mookie.
    • He pulled out a small, rectangle-shaped box, wrapped in pink wrapping paper, with a white bow tied around it.
    • Tossing my bags on my bed, I got down on my hands and knees and found some wrapping paper in a container on the floor.
    • Christmas cards and festive season wrapping paper were on sale, a sure sign that the big shopping spree is just around the corner.
    • I must purchase a suitable gift for the host child, plus card and wrapping paper.
    • Handmade wrapping paper can make presents look distinctive and personal.
    • In time, the pile of presents had been reduced to wrapping paper and a table full of varying things.
    • Tomorrow is my birthday and I heard the tantalizing rustle of wrapping paper this evening shortly after being told to stay in the kitchen out of the way.
    • This appeal urgently needs wrapping paper and volunteers to help pack the gifts which will be shipped abroad.
    • She collected their gifts from the back of her car, two boxes with elaborate bows and ribbons and textured wrapping paper.
    • The box was covered in wrapping paper, and it truly looked like a present after all that hard work.
    • Create your own gift tags and use stamped brown craft paper for wrapping paper.
    • Curious, she stroked the creamy wrapping paper before ripping it off to reveal a lovely black velvet book.
    • Crafts will be on sale in the craft workshop including hand-woven and knitted goods and handmade cards, wrapping paper and badges.
    • Maria has opened her birthday gifts and the coffee table is covered with wrapping paper and the presents.
    • Mice had invaded the boxes and made nests out of old shoelaces and wrapping paper.