Translation of wreck in Spanish:


restos del naufragio, n.

Pronunciation /rɛk//rɛk/


  • 1

    (ship) restos del naufragio masculine
    (plane) restos del avión siniestrado masculine
    (train) restos del tren siniestrado masculine
    (car) restos del coche siniestrado masculine
    • A row of emergency vehicles lined up behind the wreck, and a fire truck sprayed the flames with water.
    • The wrecks are home to a wide variety of corals and marine life including angelfish, barracudas, margates, sharks, snappers and turtles.
    • The area abounds with wrecks and other reminders of the war, and regularly anchoring in Tokyo Bay is a sobering reminder of why the area is known as Iron Bottom Sound.
    • The Navy has placed warning signs around the area to warn fisherman and commercial ships of the wreck as to avoid any accidents.
    • Sergeant Barry Woon said a truck driver came across the mangled wrecks and radioed police for help.
    • There are vestigial remains of a Roman harbour on the western part of the island, and a number of wrecks of Roman vessels have been located in the waters nearby.
    • The driver of the pickup, who walked away from the wreck of his vehicle, was also taken to hospital, where he received 12 stitches to his forehead.
    • They made their unusual find after echo-sounding equipment on board their ship detected the wreck, and they then explored its hold on a further dive.
    • ‘All of the wrecks were fascinating in their own right - and being war graves, were afforded the appropriate respect at all times,’ he added.
    • They are giving me the chance to do what no other marine archaeologist has done - investigate a 17th-century warship wreck at great depth.
    • The Royal Australian Navy has confirmed that a wreck located 10 nautical miles east of Cape Moreton is not the Centaur.
    • Buried in the sand near the Australian cities of Sydney and Perth are what are apparently the wrecks of fifteenth-century Chinese ships.
    • The car was reduced to a mangled wreck, and debris and broken glass were scattered across the road.
    • Most of the large buildings had been pounded, wrecks of buses and cars that had been incinerated were lying all over the roads, and smoke filled the air.
    • The airport runway is lined with the rusted wrecks of other planes cannibalized for parts.
    • Scuba divers examining wrecks should take particular care.
    • It's where locals have dumped the wrecks of maybe a thousand cars, just a few hundred metres from the famous rock.
    • Christa and John Hale visibly fill with pride as they describe how they have transformed their beloved Highland home from a dilapidated wreck into a rural idyll.
    • The wreck of a 100-year-old fishing boat has been discovered in the depths of Loch Ness.
    • And only a couple of weeks ago, divers also thought they had come across the wreck of the Darwin Princess, a 23 metre ferry last seen in Frances Bay.
    • They often have spare parts from other wrecks they have bought.
    • The wrecks of such ships have inevitably been targets for treasure-seekers.
    • Rigby visited the wreck of the Titanic last year on a Russian submarine and will lecture about his trip at the Dundee exhibition.
    • Flames visible for miles tore through the roof of a disused school in Windhill, Shipley, last night, leaving the building a wreck.
    • Plans to move the wreck of destroyer HMS Wakeful out of a shipping lane have been amended to allow the ship to safely remain where she sank during the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940.
    • Snorkelers can have a grand time floating just 30 feet above the stern, watching the divers below and the thousands of fish that live in the wreck.
    • Since its closure in October, the club building became a burnt-out wreck after being targeted by vandals and being gutted by two separate fires.
    • When she first set foot in it, it was more of a wreck, but a listed building nonetheless.
    • The area is home to Kowloon Bridge, the world's largest diveable wreck.
    • For 35 years he was a diver, and spent much of his time underwater exploring the wrecks of ships swallowed up by the vast ocean.
    • There was an awkward semicircle of wheeled vehicles arranged around the wreck, all black and white with lights on.
    • The station was a wreck when it was bought 18 years ago and the garden non-existent.
    • Just as in a marriage relationship, if we seek our own well being, our marriages are wrecks.
    • All that was left of the aircraft was a burned-out wreck, with blackened pieces scattered across the sands.
    • Unfortunately, the Outer Hebrides are also littered with the wrecks of abandoned cars - 600 at the last count.
    • When he returned, his unit's vehicles were burning wrecks and many of its personnel were dead or wounded.
    • It was like walking around at the site of a spaceship wreck - huge pieces of dismantled machinery everywhere.
    • Mr Galayini buys wrecks from auctions, pulls them apart and sells the bits to smash repairers.
    • Everyone hopes to find the treasure hidden in the wreck, even though many doubt that it's there at all.
    • With the Western penchant for turning any tragedy into a tourist attraction, today, the Historical Shipwreck Trail takes you past as many as 25 known wrecks.
  • 2

    (sth, sb ruined)
    the wreck of the industry las ruinas de la industria
    • after the party, the house was a wreck después de la fiesta, la casa era un verdadero caos
    • are you still driving that old wreck? ¿todavía andas en ese cacharro?
    • the attack left him a physical wreck el ataque lo dejó hecho una ruina
    • the next morning I felt a complete wreck al día siguiente estaba hecho polvo
    • he's a nervous wreck tiene los nervios destrozados
  • 3

    the wreck of the Titanic el naufragio del Titanic
    • the wreck of all my hopes el desmoronamiento de todas mis esperanzas
  • 4US

    accidente masculine
    • The song was available on phonograph records within less than a year of the wreck and remains one of the better of the railroad disaster genre.
    • Several minor wrecks, mostly in rail yards, have helped feed community fears.
    • If the engine of a train suddenly goes off the rails, a wreck ensues.
    • Michigan's no-fault insurance law provides unlimited lifetime coverage for medical expenses tied to auto wrecks.
    • The driver overshot the last station before the wreck, and a crew member and several passengers speculated the train was speeding to make up time.
    • If saving human lives is the great desideratum, then there is more to be gained by prevention of drowning and auto wrecks than by the abolition of war.
    • He swerved to the left of the vehicle barely avoiding a wreck.
    • Cars and bicyclists often are not looking for each other, which can lead to wrecks at intersections.
    • Gordon led laps for the first time since Daytona and was a threat to win until his car was damaged in a wreck.
    • The father of his younger brothers treated Erik and his older sister as his own, but he died last summer in a car wreck.
    • With those numbers, it's just a matter of time before the next fatal wreck occurs, Rendon said.
    • That same night an entire catch crew was wiped out by a truck wreck.
    • A fatal car wreck late Sunday night forced investigators to close a southwest Valley intersection through Monday morning, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety.
    • At least a dozen times over the past two years I've heard the sickening thud and tortured tire screech that signals a fresh wreck in the intersection.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (ship) provocar el naufragio de
    (ship) hacer naufragar
    (train) hacer descarrilar
    (car) destrozar
    the ship was wrecked on the rocks el barco naufragó al chocar contra las rocas
    • He has said the three of them were rescued by North Korean fishermen when their fishing boat was wrecked in a storm in the Sea of Japan in May 1963.
    • He drove into a huge pothole and wrecked the truck.
    • Four lorries were also wrecked in the blaze which was fought by 35 firemen at Barlows Mill off Stand Lane.
    • Thus it came as a surprise when, after my brother had gotten in about as much trouble as either of us had ever gotten into - drinking and wrecking his car - my father did not respond with anger.
    • The car was wrecked, but 52-year-old Moira, who was cut free by firefighters, suffered only minor injuries and shock.
    • A well-known restaurant has been wrecked in a blaze.
    • Ships were wrecked off Bishop Rock until 1847, when Trinity House decided to erect a lighthouse.
    • Whaling and sealing were a dangerous occupation and many ships were wrecked along the southern coast of South Australia.
    • The name comes from a hurricane that struck the area in 1715, wrecking a fleet of Spanish treasure ships en route from Havana to Spain.
    • Returning from the unsuccessful Toulon mission in 1707, his flagship was wrecked off the Scilly Isles.
    • But the arrival of his force, presumably in eastern Kent, had been anticipated, resistance was strong, and a storm damaged or wrecked many of his ships four days later.
    • He flew into a severe storm, his balloon was wrecked, and he plummeted seaward from the sky.
    • Gangs of yobs have caused more than £40,000 of damage after wrecking 34 lampposts in York suburbs in a fortnight.
    • Ships over taken by the gale were wrecked and sunk and the loss of life was estimated at 8,000 men.
    • Two other ships have been wrecked over this way, though they are more thoroughly broken up and the debris fields are mixed together.
    • About 2 hours ago, I crashed and totally wrecked my car.
    • One local said he had seen up to 15 cars wrecked by one of the blasts, with a number of people still inside the club.
    • Gulliver is tossed into the water and the ship is wrecked.
    • The ships were two of the 20-24 Spanish Armada ships that were wrecked off the Irish coastline out of a total fleet of 130 ships.
    • Two of the ships were wrecked off Cyprus, but the ship bearing the Queen and Berengaria made it safely to Limassol.
    • A disabled Darwen pensioner has spoken of his terror at the crash which wrecked his new car.
    • Shops and homes were damaged and some 50 cars and vans were wrecked as they were swept through the streets - some of them ending up floating out to sea.
    • He could have lost control of his bike, wrecking it and causing injury or even death.
    • Arsonists torched tyres to start a blaze which wrecked railway carriages, investigators believe.
    • Mr Manners said it took 18 months on and off to recreate the mini-Batavia, a Dutch ship that was wrecked off the Abrolhos Islands in 1629.
    • When his vessel was wrecked and Tichborne apparently lost at sea, Lady Tichborne refused to believe her son was dead and advertised for his return.
    • The original film was based on a novel by Compton Mackenzie, which in turn was based on a real incident in which a ship was wrecked off Eriskay.
    • Iziko Museums in Cape Town have started off a project to find different slave ships that were wrecked along the South African coastline.
    • A pensioner has slammed vandals who wrecked his car, cutting off his disabled wife's lifeline to the outside world.
    • Arsonists wrecked a dozen cars at a scrapyard in Bolton last night.
    • That Nolan was there to play his part was a near-miracle in itself after the youngster's lucky escape from that morning's dramatic smash that wrecked his car.
    • Photographs of the apparent aftermath - showing wrecked vehicles and dented police helmets - have since appeared on several Weblogs.
    • His ship is wrecked and the passengers take to the long-boat.
    • Several lighter vessels and pearling luggers were sunk or wrecked.
    • The approach to Jeddah is filled with dangerous reefs, and over the years several ships have been wrecked.
    • Not to be missed on a trip to this area is the infamous Runnel Stone, reputed to have wrecked more than 27 ships.
    • Two serious accidents, destroying four vehicles and wrecking a house wall and a traffic light at the junction, have already occurred since the lights failed last Thursday morning.
    • A Bradford rioter claimed he tried to stop youths wrecking cars only minutes after being filmed throwing stones himself.
    • The fact that some structures were wrecked while others remained untouched could point to inferior building methods.
    • The driveway is lined on one side with heavy chains from the ship Warrior that was wrecked at the mouth of the Timaru Stream in 1905.
  • 2

    • Even though Enid manages to engineer and then wreck his chances with another woman, it is very unlikely that that relationship would have developed.
    • Mrs Gault said the gang must be caught before they wreck more lives.
    • But the Bulldogs' potential dream season was wrecked by more injuries than one team can be expected to handle.
    • Wannstedt wrecked his chances of succeeding with the Bears by micromanaging and by being too uptight and too insecure.
    • Balshaw's hopes of resuming his England career in the Six Nations have almost certainly been wrecked by his latest injury blow.
    • A hamstring injury wrecked his bid for a medal at this season's world championships in Canada, but he's now looking forward to going for gold in Manchester.
    • Two days before he was due to return home he suffered a leg injury which effectively wrecked his high hopes for the season.
    • Gordon is just happy to be taking part in the Games as a serious knee injury in 2002 threatened to wreck his career.
    • Jackson was quick out of his blocks and, unlike the Commonwealth Games final where he clattered the first barrier and wrecked his gold chances, he was cleanly into the race.
    • ‘You can cut down on expenditure without wrecking your social life or spoiling your studies,’ it says.
    • Westwood blamed him for wrecking his chance of setting a course record.
    • I'm not going to stand here and let you wreck her life.
    • Holmes has spent most of her career cursing her luck after a string of injuries wrecked her chances of gold at major championships.
    • Currie seems to still hold a candle for Major, despite publicly wrecking his life.
    • Yet Larkham says that the rapid recovery of debutant lock Justin Harrison, whose career was almost wrecked by a similar injury last year, has been an inspiration to him in his darker moments.
    • Keith Wood will be with the 41-man Irish squad on the tour but has no intention of playing in any of the three games after a season wrecked by injury.
    • And many potential employees wreck their chances of being taken on by telling wild lies on their CVs, dressing bizarrely or even having nose-rings.
    • In the end they ruled out only such serious illnesses as active or malignant disease which the doctor thought would totally wreck the child's chance of a healthy life.
    • It was a welcome return to the big stage for Parkinson after injury wrecked his campaign last year.
  • 3US

    (house/building) demoler
    (house/building) tirar abajo
    (house/building) derribar
  • 4

    (spoil, ruin)
    (hopes/plans/chances) echar por tierra
    (marriage/happiness) destrozar
    drinking wrecked her health/career la bebida le arruinó la salud/la carrera