Translation of wrest in Spanish:


arrancar, v.

Pronunciation /rɛst//rɛst/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to wrest sth from sb arrancarle algo a algn
    • I wrested the knife from him / his grasp le arrebaté / le arranqué el cuchillo de las manos
    • they tried to wrest the secret out of her intentaron arrancarle el secreto
    • they wrested a living from / out of the infertile soil extraían su subsistencia de la tierra yerma
    • Jinx lunged forward, intent on grabbing her arm and wresting the glasses from her.
    • He wrested his right hand from my grasp to wipe them roughly away from the side of his nose.
    • When I got to the car the wind grabbed hold of the door, trying to wrest it out of my hands and off of its hinges.
    • While he was disoriented, I wrested the gun from his grasp and threw it far away.
    • Once she had succeeded in wresting the radio from Mike's grasp, she spoke into the intercom eagerly.
    • Their bodies twisted as each tried to wrest the weapon from the other's grasp.
    • Especially in his final years, Evans often went on scavenging hunts, wresting all kinds of street signs from their rightful places.
    • Hobbs told investigators that Krystal pulled the knife to defend her friend, and he wrested it away.
    • As the rogue hand attempted to ferry off my telephone, I like to think that my super speed reflexes and superhuman strength actually wrested the phone out of the insistent grip of the powerful man trying to steal my phone.