Translation of wrestle in Spanish:


luchar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛsəl//ˈrɛs(ə)l/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • When they play-fought, wrestling on the ground or standing on their hindlegs and pushing against each other, he felt a savage affection for them.
    • All night the two wrestle, but neither can defeat the other.
    • The pair of boys fell to the ground, wrestling drunkenly, trying to get the better of the other.
    • The two battlers rolled about, wrestling on the floor of the hallway.
    • Children with enlarged spleens should avoid contact sports (even wrestling with friends or siblings at home).
    • When I caught up, the pair of them were wrestling on the ground for what looked like, believe it or not, a cookie.
    • Their children were the kids I wrestled with and fought with and played Star Wars with.
    • They fall to the ground and begin to wrestle around.
    • Neither Kyal nor Cade took any notice as they rolled on the ground, wrestling for control.
    • The two of them were wrestling on the ground now, and Mega Man managed to pin his brother's wrists to the ground.
    • Then we had a snowball fight, wrestled around on the ground, and carried on with play fights for a short while until we were all quite exhausted.
    • They fell forward onto the ground, locked together as they wrestled with one another in order to separate themselves into two people.
    • We both started laughing and getting into this huge pillow fight when all of a sudden we started wrestling on the ground!
    • Opponents wrestle until one is thrown to the ground.
    • Witnesses said that despite his age, Bocus wrestled with the gunman, who forced him to the ground and fired a shot through his mouth.
    • Freya laughed, and shook her head, watching the 3 of them wrestle on the ground.
    • For some sports such as wrestling, no eye protection is available.
    • The change, in which both hero and beast are prone and wrestling on the ground, gives a strikingly different appearance from the standing or kneeling schemes.
    • However, John Thornton suddenly rushes in to save the day, throwing Hal down to the ground, wrestling with him.
    • Jumping, running, swimming, wrestling, and other sports activities are recreation for boys and young adults.
  • 2

    to wrestle with sb/sth
    • she wrestled with her attacker forcejeó con / luchó contra / con su agresor
    • she watched him wrestling with the cases lo miró mientras lidiaba / batallaba con las maletas
    • he's been wrestling with the problem for some time now ha estado lidiando / batallando con el problema hace un tiempo
    • all night he wrestled with his conscience pasó toda la noche batallando con su conciencia
    • ‘As he got within a few feet, the person he had been speaking to ran over to him and jumped on him from behind and wrestled him to the floor,’ he said.
    • Mr Foster, a former police constable, then struggled with several of the security team, who wrestled him to the floor.
    • I was about 50 feet away from Jaggi when 3 or 4 cops dressed as protesters grabbed him, wrestled him into a van and sped away.
    • One of the men hit him in the face and wrestled him to the floor.
    • Deciding on the best course, he lunged at his brother wrestling him off the couch.
    • Literally ripping through a scrim upstage, she attacks Lisa, wrestling her to the floor.
    • She approached her and before anyone could stop her, she had pushed the Principal's daughter into the snow and started wrestling her.
    • It is understood four passengers subdued the man and wrestled him to the floor of the aircraft, where they sat on him and held him still for the remainder of the journey.
    • I twisted around and got to my knees before he was upon me again, wrestling me down.
    • Then in a flurry of movement from behind he was wrestled to the floor.
    • As they wrestled me into the car, one of them said ‘Come on, it can't be that bad.’
    • The four cops busy with Caine wrestled him and slapped handcuffs on him.
    • In this case, had I been civic-spirited, I suppose I could have wrestled him down and yelled for the police.
    • Officers chased him on foot, tried to disable him with a Taser gun (repelled by Johnson's leather jacket), and finally wrestled him from the cart.
    • His much more youthful servants had to wrestle him to the ground to restrain him.
    • As the attacker attempted to flee, customers grabbed him and wrestled him to the floor, where he was held until police arrived.
    • William rushed over as fast as he could, broke down the door, and wrestled Anthony off of me.
    • Ryan growled out a curse of pain and tried to wrestle away from the man.
    • Suddenly a guy pushed Ron to the floor and wrestled him.
    • I would've rolled on top of him and wrestled him until he admitted I was right.

transitive verb


  • 1

    luchar contra
    he's wrestling Grant tonight esta noche lucha / tiene un combate de lucha libre contra Grant
    • he wrestled his attacker to the ground forcejeó con / luchó contra su agresor y lo derribó


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    lucha feminine
    to have a wrestle with sb luchar con algn