Translation of wriggle in Spanish:


retorcerse, v.

Pronunciation /ˈrɪɡ(ə)l//ˈrɪɡəl/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (fish/worm) retorcerse
    to wriggle along avanzar serpenteando / culebreando
    • stop wriggling! ¡quédate / estáte quieto!
    • children wriggled in their seats los niños se movían inquietos en sus asientos
    • she wriggled with discomfort se retorció incómoda
    • he wriggled out through the bars se escurrió por entre las rejas
    • I wriggled into my trousers me puse los pantalones
    • I wriggled through the gap in the fence me metí por el agujero de la cerca
    • Steven Seymour came off the wing when he spotted the ball working free and with great determination he managed to wriggle and twist his way over for the score.
    • Poised on the edge of her seat, a wriggle backwards would put Ahern's tiny frame in danger of being swallowed by the sumptuously plush green sofa.
    • It snaked down and wriggled about, looking for a good avenue down to the ground but, thankfully, it failed to do so.
    • Someone latched onto him but he wriggled away, his eyes directly on Gabrielle Potter.
    • I moved my whole body, trying to wriggle myself away from him.
    • She tried to wriggle and twist around, but could only move fractionally.
    • With a brief, feeble attempt she tried to wriggle out of what bound her wrists, but to no avail.
    • Once when I was in the bath, I saw a very prettily patterned green snake come wriggling through a gap between the wooden window frame and the mosquito netting.
    • All the students took great pleasure in watching the worms wriggle around and begin to settle into their new home.
    • Bare branches grow out of one end, while shoots sprout out from the other, smiling snakes wriggle around and a baby bird emerges from an egg.
    • Houdini exerted a preternatural control over his body, wriggling out of straitjackets by dislocating his shoulders.
    • She reached the rocks and wriggled through them, moving her feet gently through the water.
    • She glances at the window which, as it was for Wendy, is too small to wriggle out of.
    • She tried to wriggle away without waking him but she could barely move.
    • A serpent-sized worm wriggled by between our legs.
    • The burglar then managed to escape by wriggling out of his hooded tracksuit top, before dumping his loot and running off.
    • The story goes that a wolf crossed the path of Domenico and, as it was about to sink its teeth into him, a snake wriggled up and sank its fangs into the wolf.
    • Once those worms start wriggling from the can, it's a tricky job getting the lid jammed on again.
    • It was twisting and turning, wriggling about like a snake.
    • As curly-locked James clung 20-ft from the ground he had no idea of the commotion he had caused by wriggling out of a roof window at his Windermere home on to the roof tiles.
  • 2

    (with embarrassment)
    to make sb wriggle hacerle pasar vergüenza a algn

transitive verb

  • 1

    (toes/body) mover
    I managed to wriggle the trousers on conseguí embutirme los pantalones
    • he managed to wriggle himself free logró zafarse retorciéndose
    • She squirmed, writhed, and wriggled, trying to evade the grip of those carrying her.
    • She's wriggling and twisting on the bed all the time.
    • Local ghillie David Dinsmore took a small party of Scouts to Addergoole river last Saturday, where all were surprised by the variety of tiny fish life that crawl, swim or wriggle on the river bed.
    • Particularly ‘ticklish’ individuals wriggle and writhe in apparent agony, as well as laughing hysterically, when being tickled.
    • She squirmed above him, wriggling like a fish on a hook.
    • Sure enough, Fishy tugged the rod back and clicked the button and a shiny fish wriggled directly in front of Lazarus' nose.
    • The twins kicked and wriggled under his arms but couldn't get out of his powerful hold.
    • Rowena had been scratching the puppy's tummy; she looked up at Terese but wasn't aware she had stopped moving until the puppy began to wriggle impatiently.
    • I could hardly keep still, squirming and wriggling all the time.
    • A little later, on the green, Dawa is carefully trying to remove a worm that's wriggling in his line.
    • I'd have to gingerly scoop up the worm (still wriggling, for he didn't kill them) and I'd throw it out the front door onto the little patch of lawn there.
    • They had sliced the worm in two and the worm was still wriggling.
    • Ivory screamed as she wriggled and twisted, trying in vain to get away.
    • Sioni kicked and wriggled, but couldn't break free, much to other two's amusement.
    • They dropped to the floor and began twitching and wriggling slightly.
    • Minutes later, she started to struggle again, pushing and pulling her arm, twisting and wriggling to try to get away.
    • We peer down at the tiny worm wriggling under the lens of our microscope.
    • The baby wriggled, all limbs kicking and waving happily.
    • Difficult to describe, the film contains a host of shifting shapes, such as dots and circles that wriggle and twist, as well as a recurring totem figure that is the most concrete element of the film.
    • She switched him back to the stroller, and a strange thing happened… Zack would writhe around in the stroller, wriggling and crying, until his mother picked him up.


  • 1

    to give a wriggle of pleasure estremecerse de placer
    • she freed herself with a wriggle se zafó con un movimiento