Translation of wrinkly in Spanish:


arrugado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈrɪŋk(ə)li//ˈrɪŋkli/



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    viejo masculine
    vieja feminine
    • The so-called grey and wrinklies are no fools and a force to be reckoned with.
    • The script is incredibly funny, with a bright and breezy pace and a good message for all wrinklies out there: life is worth living and you should pursue your dreams no matter how old you are.
    • Being a white-headed wrinklie, as Australians call us old folks, I now feel the laughs bubbling up the way they have most of my 76 years.
    • It's full of happy kids, relaxed wrinklies, mums, dads and strolling couples.
    • The battle of the wrinklies commences when the ‘Oldie of the Year’ awards are presented in London.
    • As tomorrow's wrinklies get older and older they will accumulate disabilities.
    • A lot of the wrinklies, in fact, come along with holes in their shirts and jerseys.
    • The other day I was given a list of 150 wrinklies and told to call them up and arrange appointments for their alarms to be reprogrammed.
    • The other reason I'm here is to house-sit for the wrinklies while they're off swanning around South Australia.
    • Last year, not a single wrinkly was working in this town.
    • The fears that jazz is increasingly in the hands of grey wrinklies is dispelled by the sight of such musicians as James Lancaster, Dave Hardy and Paul Baxter.
    • Younger jazz audiences and open-minded wrinklies will welcome the intriguing comparison of these two CDs.
    • This afternoon there were Victorian-style games, followed by a disco for 2-12s and a 70's disco for the wrinklies.
    • Often dismissed as wrinklies and fogeys, dodderers and ditherers, it turns out that Saga's target audience are, in fact, among the biggest consumers in the country.
    • Remember there's 11 million of us wrinklies out there, and you know we vote in higher numbers than any other age group.
    • As a 73-year-old I have to put my hand up and admit to never referring to myself as an old age pensioner, senior citizen, or even a wrinkly - I much prefer my term of recycled teenager, which causes great amusement.
    • Disney is great for anyone and for all ages, whether you're a toddler or an old wrinkly!
    • Seeing Her Majesty was the one thing the sentimental wrinklies in our family wanted us to do while we're over here.
    • This session features a younger group of musicians, refreshing to those who imagine that the jazz is populated by wrinklies.
    • Bath's nice - a lot of old wrinklies there, though.