Translation of writing in Spanish:


escritura, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrʌɪtɪŋ//ˈraɪdɪŋ/


  • 1

    escritura feminine
    cuneiform writing escritura cuneiforme feminine
    • Is this grand sum due to the quality of her writing or the current hunger for Canadian literature?
    • On top of a good foundation of acting talent, the show was also blessed with quality writing.
    • She did praise my writing and presented me with many opportunities to stretch my skills.
    • The question came from an editor interested in improving the quality of writing at her newspaper.
    • Dr. Sartor provided wise counsel and a keen eye for quality writing for many years.
    • There are vast differences of thought and style within classical writing.
    • I hope you enjoy this month's crop of great reading and inspiring writing.
    • Not to trivialize his work, but one of the reasons I believe his work is so popular is the aphoristic style of his writing.
    • Please don't think, by the way, that I object to complex writing or to unusual words or phrases.
    • But Gee uses this as an excuse to replay some tired stereotypes which undermine the genuine satirical quality of her writing.
    • The magazine is notable for the quality of its writing as well as the way it engages the books reviewed.
    • His writing must contain unlimited implications which appear outside the text.
    • The characters are fairly horrible yet Thomas coaxes enough style out of his writing to keep the pages turning.
    • At times, Darwin worried that his writing sounded too literary and feared that his metaphors would lead readers astray.
    • I have always said that unclear writing is a sign of unclear thinking.
    • This fascinating book by the leading authority on its subject is outstanding for the quality of both its writing and its illustrations.
    • Banerji has a wonderful prose style - her writing is fluid and confident and often extremely imaginative.
    • Oh, his writing has a certain style and he can say a simple thing.
    • The writing embodies the literary skill of an author who has been publishing for over half a century.
    • He makes this point in his Clarkson style in a brilliant piece of writing for the Sunday Times.
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    (written material)
    the wall was covered in writing la pared estaba llena de pintadas / de graffiti
    • the writing's rather blurred la letra está algo borrosa
    • in writing por escrito
    • can I have it in writing? ¿me lo puede dar por escrito?
    • to put sth in writing poner algo por escrito
    • writing materials artículos de escritorio
  • 3British

    letra feminine
    I can't read your writing no entiendo tu letra
    • in his/your own writing de su/tu puño y letra
    • Squinting his eyes Kaerin read a particularly difficult word, the writing slanted and close together to almost look like a lone blob of ink.
    • When she opened the piece of paper written in fancy writing was an invitation addressed to Kelly Wiston.
    • The first word was in Joey's awkward writing, but someone had finished the letter for him.
    • As Aidan began to read the letter out, Jordan tore his envelope open and read the scrawled writing.
    • According to the principles of calligraphy, writing should be upright or slanting to the right.
    • He muttered as he reached for his bag and pulled out a yellow legal pad covered in scrawled writing.
    • Written in red ink, in my father's slanted, tiny writing, were five words, repeated over and over.
    • The writing seemed oddly familiar, but Sakura couldn't remember who wrote like that.
    • While jumping into the garment, I read the writing scrawled on the paper.
    • Many of them were written in crayon in David's clumsy writing, with each letter picked out in a colour different from the letter preceding it.
    • At the bottom of the letter was some hand-written writing saying she would like to come to our school.
    • He went into the kitchen in hopes to find her only to find a note scribbled in her writing.
    • In his lap was a Manila folder, Italian writing scribbled all over on various notes and documents.
    • Her eyes skimmed the familiar writing and descended knowingly on that one sentence that seemed to haunt her desperately.
    • The only other handwriting that we have been able to identify is the writing on the boards or doors at Mr Wilkins flat.
    • Some sort of writing had been scrawled over one side, and it looked like some ancient language.
    • The writing seemed familiar but he couldn't quite put his thumb on whose exactly it was.
    • I had known how to read and write that type of writing since I was a little girl.
    • He produced three slightly dirty envelopes with the familiar writing of Jacob Ryan.
    • Occasionally a writer may vary the slant of her writing, with letters pointing in all directions.
  • 4

    (act of composing)
    she earns a lot from her writing gana mucho (dinero) escribiendo
    • writing takes up a lot of my time paso mucho tiempo escribiendo
    • at the time of writing en el momento de escribir estas líneas
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    (written composition)
    literatura feminine
    an excellent piece of writing un trabajo excelente
    • Imtiaz has based many of her writings on her childhood experiences in Scotland.
    • Gottlob Frege's writings have had a profound influence on contemporary thought.
    • An annotated bibliography of his writings on Cornish folklore is also presented.
    • Stevenson's Scotland is a collection of the author's writings on his native land.
    • His spare but passionate writings have been an inspiration to a whole generation.
    • We know from the writings of Tacitus that the weather in Britain was terrible.
    • From the writings of Seneca, we know that the Romans spent large sums of money building their baths.
    • The Jewish prayer book is drawn from the writings of the Jewish people across the ages.
    • I never wanted this blog to be a diary - it was supposed to be an outlet for my various writings.
    • Ficino gave particular consideration to the melancholic temperament in his writings.
    • It remains an indispensable source for all students of Virginia Woolf's writings.
    • There is also a large body of published English writings by non-English authors.
    • Dawkins brings his clear and concrete habits of mind to all of his writings.
    • He left no writings, but his arguments were recorded in many volumes by his pupil Clitomachus.
    • Chomsky's political writings are littered with violations of these conventions.
    • Evidence concerning Colins's character can be found in the writings of Voltaire.
    • In Paris, he was exposed to the modern thought and writings of Bergson and Nietzsche.
    • His writings are a model of lucidity and a pleasure to read, though he confessed that he was a reluctant writer.
    • I find an echo of this view in the writings of various jurists and commentators on the law.
    • He relates in his writings that he developed some medicines which were almost miraculous cures.
  • 6writings plural

    the writings of Swift la obra de Swift
    • her philosophical writings sus escritos filosóficos