Translation of writing desk in Spanish:

writing desk

escritorio, n.


  • 1

    escritorio masculine
    • Jim made another sweep of the room, opening the drawers on the writing desk.
    • The first three pieces are an Alamo hall chair, a Thoreau writing desk, and a Robert E. Lee school desk.
    • Therese and Katherine hurried over to the writing desk where Katherine selected gold embossed paper from a mahogany drawer.
    • I decided that I want to turn my old desk into a writing desk when I move out.
    • ‘In fact, I think I saw some complimentary paper in a writing desk over here,’ Paul said as he went in search.
    • One of the furniture pieces that drew a lot of interest was a space-saving writing desk which had a breadth of only 15 cm, compared to the regular two feet for a conventional desk.
    • Ember set a small stack of papers on her writing desk.
    • Slant-front writing desks with drawers below were made to stand on their own as well as to form bases for bureau-bookcases, and can be found dating from the late 17th century.
    • It contains more than forty secret compartments and can be used as a writing desk either sitting or standing, as a dressing table, and as a strong box to safe keep valuables.
    • The final bedroom on this side of the house is a spacious double with built-in wardrobes and two corner alcoves, one with a wash hand basin, the other with space for a writing desk or display cabinet.
    • There was a piece of paper on her writing desk, and he walked over to see what it was.
    • I got up and went to my writing desk where paper and an assortment of pens and pencils were always on hand.
    • Shapely cabriole legs replaced straight ones on chairs, clocks, and case pieces - armoires, bookcases, and writing desks that were designed as storage.
    • Grabbing a medium-sized leather bag, she shoved the contents of her dresser inside, dug under her bed for a few pairs of shoes, and opened one of the drawers on her writing desk.
    • The Honourable Sir Ralph Mountharten sharply rapped his meerschaum pipe against the surface of his mahogany writing desk.
    • Against the wall was a small couch; on the opposite wall, a vanity table with a large mirror, and a writing desk with the wardrobe closet next to it.
    • Noah walked around the first room, much like Katrina's it had several couches, bookcases and a writing desk.
    • By tucking in an antique wicker writing desk as a side table, we increased function and character in the room.
    • The fireplace sat in the corner of the small living room, which also contained a small couch, a small table and a small writing desk.
    • In a drawer of the writing desk, Tamora discovered cream-coloured parchment tucked neatly into a brown leather case to keep it flat and fresh, a crystal bottle of black ink, and a crimson-feathered quill.