Translation of wrong-foot in Spanish:


hacer(le) un amago a, v.

Pronunciation /ˌrɒŋˈfʊt//ˈˌrɑŋ ˈfʊt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (opponent) hacer(le) un amago a
    (opponent) hacer(le) un amague a
    (opponent) desubicar Latin America
    • He wrong-footed fullback Sean Barnes with a clever change of pace and dived over in the corner.
    • Kabba volleyed home from an oblique angle, wrong-footing Lewis Price.
    • It looked like City's luck was in when Combe was wrong-footed by Matthieu Louis-Jean's drive that deflected off team-mate Danny Sonner.
    • Having wrong-footed a defender challenging him, he found the net from a static position.
    • It followed a period of sustained pressure which had seen Figo wrong-foot three United defenders and chip the ball on to the crossbar.
    • The midfielder's shot was straight into the ground but took a ricochet and wrong-footed Davison.
    • As more Stuttgart players were drawn towards him, his reverse pass wrong-footed the entire defence to leave Giggs scampering clear before rolling his shot calmly beyond Hildebrand.
    • The ball fell to wide man Ian Ross and his deflected snapshot from the 18-yard line wrong-footed keeper Tony Bullock.
    • Sanchez wrong-foots Henman for the first time in the match as the Briton heads to the net once more.
    • Mendieta curls an absolute beauty, wrong-footing a bemused Arendse, which flies into the corner.
    • Centre Graham Mackay added both goals, but Deacon gave the visitors hope when he wrong-footed defender Adam Maher to slice through for Bradford's try.
    • Joe Cole has a speculator from 25 yards, it hits Lucio's heel, and completely wrong-foots Mary Shelley's Oliver Kahn.
    • Ferdinand will wince when he sees how he was wrong-footed as Szabics evaded him with a run from midfield and then, from the edge of the penalty area, side-footed a precise shot beyond Howard.
    • He cuts inside the last defender and wrong-foots the keeper.
    • Smith's well struck shot beat James Mackey, who was wrong-footed by a wicked deflection off a Mill defender.
    • A slick side-step wrong-footed the Dewsbury full back and Stepho looked poised to score, but he was held just two yards short of the try line.
    • A minute later Sylvain Wiltord's strike hit Ian Baraclough to wrong-foot Ludek Miklosko and the game was all but over.
    • Smicer again picked him out with an astute pass in the 18th minute that wrong-footed the visitors' defence.
    • From the restart after Loughborough kicked a penalty, Oxford worked the ball to left winger Adam Slade on the blind side, who wrong-footed the Loughborough defence to score.
    • But I wrong-footed him and bent it around the wall and into the bottom right of his net, and it was hit with such force he had no way of getting back to it.
  • 2

    (take by surprise, disconcert)
    agarrar desprevenido
    pillar desprevenido
    • His problem now is that, with an election in the offing, his political opponents will look for every opportunity to wrong-foot him and that is sad for the country.
    • There's no doubt in my mind that it was ‘brought forward’ in order to wrong-foot any planned attacks.
    • About Schmidt is a clinic in tone, a comedy so consistently melancholy it continually wrong-foots its audience in a good way.
    • He fails completely, of course, but with his attempts to confound and wrong-foot audiences more used to linear stories, it is a noble failure.
    • But we were wrong-footed a little bit by the regulations and other teams do the better job.
    • There are occasions during The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek when the excellent cast are wrong-footed by their author.
    • Final track Come and Go completely wrong-foots you with its bossa-nova beat.
    • In addition, the Leader of the Opposition has twice been spectacularly wrong-footed over the aftermath of the conflict.
    • A good apology, properly timed, is like a good judo throw - it can totally wrong-foot an opponent.
    • Joss Whedon delivers a nicely paced storyline, one which only hints at some of the motivations of the major players and frequently wrong-foots the reader.
    • ‘It is a question of taking a tragedy and making a political issue out of it, attempting to wrong-foot the government on this issue,’ he said.
    • In four years he had gone from nobody to totemic figure, each new direction he took wrong-footing fans who were desperately trying to keep pace with him.
    • Most impressive of all, Armantrout retains, nine books into her career, the ability to wrong-foot her reader entirely.
    • The alliance wrong-foots the opposition who are not expecting a power on the brink of elimination to switch sides to its conqueror.
    • Investors were wrong-footed by the quarter-point reduction to 3.75%, the lowest rate since 1955.
    • His remarks prompted speculation last night that the Government was purposefully sending out mixed messages to try and wrong-foot opposition.
    • I was once wrong-footed by a 22-year-old Smith who decided to explain the basics of the harmonic scale to me in a London café bar.
    • The action two weeks ago was the first time since the mid-1980s that effective mass secondary strike action has taken place, wrong-footing the employers and also, sadly, the tortoise-like structures of our own official trade unionism.
    • Loach wrong-foots his characters from the start, as they are all seemingly unaware of these antecedents.
    • While latching on to the up-country trend, the industry here found itself wrong-footed and woefully short of male dancing talents.