Translation of wrongdoing in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈrɔŋˌduɪŋ//ˈrɒŋduːɪŋ/


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    his sense of wrongdoing oppressed him lo agobiaba la conciencia de haber obrado mal
    • she was punished for her wrongdoings la castigaron por sus fechorías
    • In fact I have never found out why I was expelled and I have never seen any charge of wrongdoing.
    • Police investigated the allegation but found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing.
    • He denied wrongdoing and claimed that the source of the funds was after-tax income.
    • The police officer suspected them of wrongdoing after observing their behavior.
    • It is understood the police sergeant denies any wrongdoing and claims he made a legitimate complaint.
    • One cannot just walk away from the scene of the crime without admitting wrongdoing.
    • First, it is concerned with fairness of trial, not punishment of a person for wrongdoing.
    • The bank strongly denies liability, stressing that the national prosecutor found no wrongdoing.
    • They deny wrongdoing and have been bailed while police inquiries continue.
    • So far no charges have been brought against them, and their families and friends deny any wrongdoing.
    • The developer was taken to court but was cleared of any wrongdoing.
    • He has denied any wrongdoing and said the investment had been planned for months.
    • He has not been charged with a crime, and his lawyers deny he has committed any wrongdoing.
    • But the curious thing in these cases is that no actual wrongdoing has been proven or even alleged.
    • One cannot claim innocence of wrongdoing because it was their hand that did the act, they take responsibility.
    • They publicly denied any wrongdoing and were cleared by police three weeks later.
    • We do lots of wrong things every day, but to suppose that all such wrongdoings should be illegal is surely to grant too much to the law.
    • He may have started out by trying to expose evil and wrongdoing but you don't produce a lie to try and get at the truth.
    • The allegation of criminal wrongdoing is found to be false, vicious and unproved.
    • Shortly afterwards he held a news conference in which he strenuously denied any wrongdoing.