Translation of wrongful in Spanish:


injusto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈrɔŋfəl//ˈrɒŋf(ə)l//ˈrɒŋfʊl/


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    (punishment/accusation) injusto
    • It is sufficient that the defendant knew all the facts which made it wrongful for him to participate in the way in which he did.
    • On each, the defendant had urged that he take legal advice in connection with his complaint of wrongful eviction.
    • Not all wrongful acts are criminal, and not all acts which are not criminal are innocent.
    • Is it not the common law that a citizen is entitled to use self-defence in the case of wrongful arrest?
    • The claimant brought an action for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment.
    • I can understand how wrongful reception or rejection of evidence can affect a verdict.
    • Similarly, and underpayment of salary in lieu of notice would constitute a wrongful termination and have the same effect.
    • He also claimed damages for wrongful dismissal, mental distress and punitive damages.
    • Rather this issue would lie at the very heart of the claim for wrongful, as opposed to unfair, dismissal.
    • As a result, the defendants deny that the plaintiff is entitled to damages for wrongful dismissal.
    • She was released without charge, and sought damages for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment.
    • In all cases the primary question is one of fact: did the wrongful act cause the injury?
    • First, compensation can only be appropriate where the damage has been caused by the wrongful act.
    • It used to be impossible to prove that the legal system produces wrongful convictions.
    • The plaintiff's case was for wrongful arrest upon a breach of peace.
    • In addition, the persuasion of the employees to leave was pleaded as wrongful inducement of breach of contract.
    • The cause of action against the police was malicious prosecution and wrongful imprisonment.
    • In the passage cited above he referred to the defendant's asking the court to sanction his committing a wrongful act.
    • Such behavior is cruel and wrongful according not only to the law, but to common sense.
    • It is clear law that tax paid after a wrongful demand may be recovered back by the taxpayer.