Translation of yacht in Spanish:


velero, n.

Pronunciation: /jɑt//jɒt/


  • 1

    (sailing boat)
    (large) velero masculine
    (large) yate masculine
    (small) balandro masculine
    before noun yacht club club náutico
    • yacht race regata
  • 2

    (pleasure cruiser)
    yate masculine

intransitive verb

  • 1

    navegar (a vela)
    she went yachting with friends se fue a navegar con unos amigos
    • In 1973 the Hesketh Team boarded a luxury yacht and cruised into Monaco harbour for their first F1 race.
    • About 280 Olympic class yachts in 11 classes from 70 nations are based at Sydney's Olympic Marina to participate in 14 days of racing.
    • These are the sounds that surround Carina - the racing yacht on which I'll be sailing this month from Newport to Bermuda.
    • You must believe me when I tell you that nothing tests waterproofing so comprehensively as a sitting on the weather rail of a racing yacht in a force seven south westerly.
    • The suspended flotilla includes modern powerboats, yachts and coracles.
    • These craft run the gamut from sleek international racing yachts to historic workboats.
    • The naturally perfect horseshoe-shaped harbor is filled with mega cruise ships, sailing yachts, sloops, ferryboats, and fishing craft.
    • On his office wall here, along with some breathtaking drawings of yacht hulls, is a black-and-white photograph of a small yacht being pounded by gigantic seas.
    • Robertson's lifelong friend Rick Allen gave up a dream job as a chef on private yachts cruising the Mediterranean to help Robertson chase his dream, to make sure that his tank stays full and his engine finely tuned.
    • I went to the El Gouna marina, not yet filled with white polished yachts because the international yachting brigade were still out in the Med.
    • He hit the headlines in 1998 when his racing yacht capsized in the icy waters of the Southern Ocean, after he had been at sea for two months competing in a round-the-world race.
    • The danger, excitement and adventure of racing yachts on the high seas awaits a North Yorkshire woman, picked to take part in one of the world's toughest yacht races.
    • They will be sailing among a fleet of 200 yachts, dinghies and jet skis raising money for medical research.
    • Mr Labouchere, who lives in Stratford-sub-Castle, has been at the forefront of revolutionary design for many years, building his career designing hulls for ferries and racing yachts.
    • Critics of the measure say that the imposition of fees will kill the popularity of Bonaire as a prime haven for yachts cruising in the Southern Caribbean.
    • Three people were rescued from the stricken yacht's life raft by sailors from HMAS Newcastle.
    • Last year's Regatta grew to a record 138 high-calibre racing yachts with over 4000 competitors and spectators.
    • A young woman who is a stewardess on a ferry becomes a skipper on a racing yacht.
    • Three sailors from the Southampton area have been airlifted to safety after sending a dramatic text message from their racing yacht which capsized in a severe gale off the Isle of Wight.
    • I asked to be transported to a sailing yacht, cruising just offshore of that beach.
    • Les Pompiers were out in force, and alongside the dock a bareboat charter yacht was half sunk.
    • My husband is in the process of sailing a 42 foot yacht up to Scotland from down south, so the summer will be spent on the west coast.
    • This sailing yacht ferries divers, snorkellers and day-trippers to the Coral Island, 10 miles south of Eilat, in Egyptian waters.
    • And as the water continues to come up, the tide moves in, we can see the water getting higher and higher on all of these boats, these luxury yachts.
    • Piëch has already rewarded himself by buying a 102-foot yacht to sail around the world with his family.
    • So this is the zillionaire luxury yacht lifestyle.
    • Its colossal doors and cathedral-like interiors admitted great steam yachts of the period, with tall masts and rigging standing.
    • Up from Kirkhaven harbour, scattered along the shore, are the remains of the steam yacht, Island.
    • You can, of course, charter sail or power yachts in the Bahamas, but the real kick is arriving in your own small vessel.
    • You may recall I told you about Lil who quit his job here to start a charter yacht business.
    • Sailing is particularly popular around the reef and the Whitsunday Islands, and there are many live-aboard boats and charter yachts.
    • The Victorian steam yacht was originally designed in the form of a Venetian gondola and was first launched in 1859 on Coniston Water.
    • Robert Ehrlich proposed unloading the Maryland Independence, the 112-foot state yacht.
    • The Ocean Marina, established south of Jomtien Beach some two decades ago, has primarily been a facility for berthing power boats, yachts and ocean-going catamarans.
    • In under a decade, the steam yacht would be as passé as the coracle…
    • On specially designated weekends and bank holidays the SY Carolla, the oldest sea-going steam yacht, visits the museum.
    • A week on board the Lady Christine, a 185-foot yacht, cruising the coast of Thailand.
    • The crew made a distress call after their 47 foot yacht started dragging its anchor and was in danger of going ashore onto the rocks.
    • She was a beautiful old steam yacht belonging originally to the Guinness family.
    • For the rich - a remote-controlled exact copy of an America's cup yacht 1 / 15th the size of a normal vessel.