Translation of yaw in Spanish:


guiñar, v.

Pronunciation /jɔː//jɔ/

intransitive verb

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    • After initiating brake actuation, the aircraft yawed to the right, and he ceased braking action to analyze the situation.
    • The pleasant rocking of the boat was replaced by a Perfect Storm pitching and yawing.
    • The Utopian ship yawed hard to port in an attempt to evade the incoming ordnance.
    • The galleon yawed, gouts of flame pouring from her perforated hull.
    • The aircraft reversed yawed to the right where his wingman was maintaining position on the runway.
    • The wind, sea and swell were of no significance force in the context of the collision save perhaps that each vessel would yaw slightly.
    • Once again out over the chilly Atlantic, I slowed the jet to 180 knots, and immediately the jet yawed to the left, followed by an immediate yaw to the right and then back to the left.
    • Coming out of 2,000 feet and decelerating through 180 knots, the jet yawed so much to the left that I felt it was on the verge of departing controlled flight.
    • Doremi was at the stern of a large ship that yawed back and forth as it sailed through a storm-tossed sea.
    • However, when the flaps were lowered to half, the aircraft yawed to the left, and the nose pitched up.
    • Yes it does, but it is also yawing about, like the Airborne C2 did for me.
    • I was in a 90-degree-AOB left turn and 40 degrees nose low when the aircraft suddenly yawed to 75 degrees nose low.
    • The shuttle yawed to the right, nosing downward.
    • Lauren watched in satisfaction as the Mainstay yawed and shook, heavily damaged.
    • Another Spit pauses from dogfighting long enough to lend a bomber a plume before yawing away to rejoin its group.
    • There's no new insight into the cause of the failure of the port wing, but Oberg spells out just why some analysts think it's plausible that the crew lived through the minute or so after the shuttle started to yaw to port.
    • The lance punched through the straining blue, tearing vast holes in it as the vessel yawed from side to side.
    • The aircraft yawed as hits were taken in the left R - 2600 which burst into flames.
    • On first glance, this indicates that the prime mover would have been yawing to the left quite rapidly even though the test section was straight.
    • Roll, pitch, and yaw to starboard were all unaffected, she just couldn't yaw to port!


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    guiñada feminine
    bandazo masculine
    see also yaws