Translation of yawn in Spanish:


bostezar, v.

Pronunciation: /jɔːn//jɔn/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (person/animal) bostezar
    • As it hits the back of your mouth or throat try yawning, as this action will open up your throat.
    • Seek yawned, stretching his mouth to an unusually large size and giving a dramatic sigh.
    • Alexis felt a compelling need to yawn but as she opened her mouth the arm tightened.
    • Once the fire was stable, he returned to his spot, yawned deeply, and went to sleep.
    • I blinked my eyes blearily and opened my mouth to yawn, I felt thick and slow.
    • Demetre yawned and opened his teary eyes, looking around and spotting Britney still asleep in his arms.
    • When young people see us, they either start yawning involuntarily or inhale our old people's smell and start retching.
    • Come ten o'clock in the evening we've generally begun to stretch and yawn, and by ten thirty the house is quiet except for gentle snoring.
    • Harrieth woke up and rubbed the sleep dust from her eyes, she yawned deeply, throwing her arms out to the side.
    • I actually have a bit more to share if you haven't already started to yawn in boredom…
    • He yawned, Jok opened his mouth to reply but closed it quickly, he knew he was going to shout and he didn't want Kassa to wake up.
    • Tinara opened her mouth to reply, but she suddenly put a hand to her mouth and yawned.
    • I opened my mouth to yawn, but before I knew it, I was throwing up on the floor.
    • The Chartreux cat stared belligerently at Sam, yawned and began licking a black paw.
    • He yawned and inhaled the dusty, musty air that he had become so familiar with over the last five years.
    • I yawned and opened the door before my roommate knocked it down.
    • Kurai says ‘I need a drink’ and then he yawns, covering his mouth with one hand.
    • He yawns, covering his mouth, and hears the sound of the television playing somewhere in the house.
    • Stretching forth her sleepy limbs she yawns in tiredness.
    • He didn't look like he smiled that often, but when he opened his mouth to yawn; a set of pearly white teeth were exposed.
  • 2

    (hole/chasm/pit) abrirse literary
    • The game had been due to start at 3pm but, at that time, there were yawning expanses of empty seats in all four stands.
    • She would have to pass through great agony to become a part of the great yawning nothingness.
    • It matters because it tells us of the yawning chasm between Labour's dreams and what happens when it tries to implement a policy.
    • We teetered on the edge of matchstick viaducts that bridged yawning chasms.
    • An image of two yawning voids behind amber glass flashed through her mind.
    • Rather, cultivate an aura of benign but almost yawning familiarity (but don't snub her either).
    • Getting out to inspect, we discovered a yawning chasm in the middle of the bridge, with two girders going across it.
    • At last we reach the summit, where Alex shrinks back from the yawning chasm.
    • The gap between rich and poor has not only widened over the past twenty years it has become a yawning chasm in some instances.
    • Access is through two yawning front doors, or via rear - seat sliding doors.
    • In fact, it really just underlines the now yawning chasm between the old and new world approaches to wine.
    • Our once yawning current account deficit is now coming to resemble lockjaw.
    • To be confronted by yawning gaps in the stands will prove an embarrassment and one Africa will not live down.
    • Every bend takes you higher while your breath is suspended looking at the yawning chasm below.
    • When you've reached that great yawning chasm of despair and see no hope at all, then it's time to make that call.
    • Falling stock markets have caused yawning gaps to appear between the assets and liabilities of final salary pension schemes.
    • Does one plug on, rounding out characters, filling in the yawning chasms in the plot?
    • The void between rich and poor is now a yawning chasm and home ownership is but a dream for most young couples.
    • Which just goes to show the difference - nay, the yawning chasm!
    • Wordlessly they walked the last few yards to the yawning chasm in the ground, their little fingers linked once more.

transitive verb

  • 1

    decir bostezando
    decir con un bostezo


  • 1

    bostezo masculine
    she could not suppress a yawn no pudo reprimir un bostezo
  • 2informal

    plomo masculine informal
    aburrimiento masculine
    rollazo masculine Spain informal