Translation of yearly in Spanish:


anual, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈjɪəli//ˈjɪrli//ˈjəːli/


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    on a yearly basis cada año
    • Nadia organises a yearly charity show to raise cash for Cancer Research.
    • Having now finalised the yearly accounts, another cheque will be following shortly.
    • We've got the yearly circus in the field near our tower block again.
    • Now a yearly phenomenon, the New Music Festival chooses a different theme for each year.
    • He said the children could be encouraged to paint something tasteful on the boards, which could be changed yearly.
    • She visited her relatives in Castledermot on a yearly basis when her brother and sister were alive.
    • It's a yearly miracle that's been taking place since 1990, and each is better than the one before.
    • However, this is an isolated incident among the 80,000 council tax accounts we handle yearly.
    • Annual or yearly performance results will generally have an overriding importance.
    • He said this month all 82 hackney carriages had passed their yearly inspection.
    • His comments come after the publication of the yearly crime figures.
    • Her ties with Scotland have remained strong with yearly visits to see family and friends up North.
    • We believe it may be the first of its kind in York, and we hope it will become a yearly festival to create a focus event for ethnic groups in York.
    • The vast majority of us make less than that, so every penny of our yearly income is taxed.
    • It was a very good day, so good the trip became a yearly tradition well into my college years.
    • Newspapers are constrained by a yearly license required from the Home Ministry.
    • Anyway, when the once yearly payment was made, my ex-credit card company wanted the money.
    • Barclays Bank will show the benefits of its own past acquisitions with news of bumper yearly figures on Thursday.
    • Pact produce a yearly handbook of their production company members, which is a good starting point.
    • Janet continued to go for yearly check-ups and was told she was clear.


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    cada año
    twice yearly dos veces al / por año