Translation of yes in Spanish:


sí, interj.

Pronunciation /jɛs//jɛs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(affirmative reply)

      please say yes por favor di que sí
      • are you ready? — yes, I am ¿estás listo? — sí
      • you didn't tell me — yes, I did! no me lo dijiste — ¡sí que te lo dije!
      • surely that's not you in the photo — oh yes, it is! esa que está en la foto no puedes ser tú — ¡claro / por supuesto que soy yo!
      • I won't apologize — oh yes, you will! no pienso pedir disculpas — vas a tener que hacerlo

    • 1.2(obeying order, request)

      yes, sir/ma'am sí, señor/señora
      • be there by nine o'clock — yes, OK estáte allí antes de las nueve — vale

    • 1.3(answering call, inquiry)

      Fred — yes? Fred — ¿sí? / ¿qué?
      • excuse me — yes? what is it? perdón — ¿sí? ¿qué pasa?
      • (on telephone) yes? ¿sí?

    • 1.4(expressing interest, attentiveness)

      I went to see that new play last night — oh, yes? fui a ver esa nueva obra anoche — ¿(ah) sí?

  • 2

    • 2.1(expressing pleasure, satisfaction)

      yes! what a good idea! ¡sí! ¡qué buena idea!

    • 2.2(emphasizing)

      you could win $5,000, yes, $5,000! ¡puede ganar 5.000 dólares, sí, 5.000 dólares!


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    (affirmative reply)
    • So, what happens though, the combination of all of those yeses, you know, over a period of time, builds your own brand, builds your life brand; it really determines who you are.
    • The yeses are the different areas of struggle, the different lines of flight to possible different worlds.
    • Rilla counted them up as each name was called, and found a large majority of yesses.
    • I smiled thoughtfully to myself as I ticked off the amount of yeses on my fingers.
    • Super-optimists suggest that, perhaps with some changes and reassurance from European leaders, the noes might be turned into yeses, like water into wine.
    • We have 5 yesses, two nos, and a maybe as long as nobody goes into labour that day.
    • ‘I've come up with a lot of yesses and nos,’ came the measured response.
    • That'd be three yesses. [Laughs.] But I was just thinking, as I was answering that, that when I'm writing for the theater, I write more in a filmic way.
    • The no votes had just nosed past the yeses by a few tenths of a percent.
    • I got some quite reluctant yesses from one or two - so I had my photos done first to show them it was tasteful and not at all pornographic.
    • If it doesn't bother you, send me a yes at my e-mail address.
    • A chorus of yeses, head nods, and wolf calls went around the table.
    • So, if you're reading this could you please post a yes or a no as to whether you are on the Organ Donor register.
    • But as the vote went on, those yeses quickly dropped off.
    • And by the way, there are a lot of yeses on that question.
    • One coolly abstracted the city, taking what he wanted and discarding the rest, reshaping it to his liking with emphatic yesses and nos.
    • Ok, I got a few yeses, and a few people just telling me to continue.
    • And then I go into the unknown once I get a lot of yeses.
    • The response was a bunch of yeahs, sures, OKs, and yeses.
    • But all I have is one maybe and a handful of yeses conditional on coming up with the money.
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    voto a favor masculine