Translation of yield in Spanish:


ceder, v.

Pronunciation: /jild//jiːld/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (position/territory) ceder
    to yield one's right of way ceder el paso
    • to yield sth to sb cederle algo a algn
    • to yield the floor to sb cederle la palabra a algn
  • 2

    (crop/mineral/fruit/oil) producir
    (results) dar
    (results) arrojar
    these bonds yield 9.2% estos bonos rinden / dan un (interés del) 9,2%
    • these measures will yield a net saving estas medidas traerán aparejado un ahorro en términos reales
    • the inquiry yielded no new evidence la investigación no aportó nuevas pruebas

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (give way)
    to yield to sb/sth
    • to yield to temptation dejarse vencer por la tentación
    • she yielded to their threats cedió a / ante sus amenazas
    • he yielded to (an) impulse and bought the lot cedió / sucumbió a un impulso y lo compró todo
  • 2

    (give priority)
    to yield to sth/sb dar prioridad a algo/algn
    • yield ceda el paso
  • 3

    (in debate)
    to yield to sb cederle la palabra a algn
  • 4

    (ice/beam/ground) ceder
    it yielded to the touch cedió a la presión


  • 1

    rendimiento masculine
    the yield per hectare has risen by 5% per annum la producción / el rendimiento anual por hectárea ha aumentado en un 5%
    • to give a good/poor yield dar un buen/mal rendimiento
    • fixed/variable yield bonds valores de renta fija/variable
    • At the age of 76, Jenkins finally yielded to public demand and performed at Carnegie Hall on October 25, 1944.
    • But it later yielded to nearly all the striking truckers' demands.
    • He yielded to pressure by sharing power with a Prime Minister.
    • He finally yielded to her demands.
    • This weekend, the administration yielded to his demands and agreed to include a disputed 30 month period in calculating his pension entitlements.
    • The Japanese government yielded to these demands.
    • She yielded to pressure from her contemporaries.
    • She yielded to their demands.
    • It is reported that the company yielded to the toughest demand to avoid government intervention.
    • Finally, he partially yielded to their argument.
    • Halifax chiefs are understood to have yielded to Bank of Scotland's demand that the new company be sited in the Scottish capital.
    • He didn't really want the job but yielded to public pressure.
    • He might have yielded to pressure to save his position.
    • The councillors may have yielded to pressure.
    • Cooper yielded to the pressure in the 13 th minute.
    • In any event Spencer yielded to pressure and resigned in 1893.
    • Workers yielded to pressure and resumed work yesterday, without any improvement, in laying the cross-country pipeline.
    • The authority yielded to American pressure.
    • In May 1915 Vienna reluctantly yielded to German pressure.
    • As the state yielded to the power of the mob, German men were forcibly removed from their homes, often ostensibly for their own protection.