Translation of yours in Spanish:


tuyo, pron.

Pronunciation /jɔːz//jʊrz//jʊəz//jɔrz/


  • 1

    (belonging to one person)
    (sing, familiar) tuyo
    (sing, familiar) tuya
    (pl, familiar) tuyos
    (pl, familiar) tuyas
    (sing, formal) suyo
    (sing, formal) suya
    (pl, formal) suyos
    (pl, formal) suyas
    is this yours? ¿esto es tuyo/suyo?
    • yours is here el tuyo/la tuya/el suyo/la suya está aquí
    • that habit of yours esa costumbre que tienes
    • a friend of yours un amigo tuyo/suyo
    • For those freakish friends of yours without e-mail, follow up with a printed invite.
    • Remember this - If you see someone without a smile then give them one of yours!
    • Are they the roles you want to continue playing or is that a deliberate choice of yours to put out that image to get roles for those sort of films?
    • I remember talking to a former playing colleague of yours at Preston, right-winger Les Campbell.
    • They would always start by saying, I have a son who is a big fan of yours, Mr. Jackson.
    • What is going to be your new approach and style in this new venture of yours?
    • Well, I will pray for you and that your heart will continue to be happy in this first new chair of yours.
    • Is that a concern of yours?
    • That oh-so active imagination of yours could land you in some hot water.
    • A popular saying mentions that the one who gives you a piece of bread in times of hunger, this one is a real brother or friend of yours.
    • So, take off your shirt, loosen the belt and evaluate that tummy of yours.
    • I guess I have to be a sexist to accept that statement of yours.
    • Because he's talking about a younger brother of yours and a connection with him.
    • And I can see they're really triggering that overstimulated brain of yours.
    • You simply didn't have a choice but to sit down with a friend of yours.
    • Aren't you curious to see how a child of yours will turn out?
    • That hasn't happened in my case, and I know it hasn't happened in the case of yours.
    • Thus armed with a powerful mandate, I want to talk to you about this novel of yours.
    • Time to let that inner child of yours out from the basement.
    • Give her all the stuff out of your apartment that belongs to her and get all of yours out of hers if you can.
  • 2

    (belonging to more than one person)
    (sing, formal) suyo
    (sing, formal) suya
    (pl, formal) suyos
    (pl, formal) suyas
    (sing, familiar) suyo Latin America Spain
    (sing, familiar) suya Latin America Spain
    (sing, familiar) vuestro Latin America Spain
    (sing, familiar) vuestra Latin America Spain
    (pl, familiar) suyos Latin America Spain
    (pl, familiar) suyas Latin America Spain
    (pl, familiar) vuestros Latin America Spain
    (pl, familiar) vuestras Latin America Spain
    yours are here, children los suyos / los de ustedes están aquí, niños Latin America
    • is he a friend of yours? ¿es amigo de ustedes / suyo?
  • 3

    (in letters)
    yours of the 20th August su carta / la suya del 20 de agosto
    • yours, Daniel un abrazo, Daniel
    • yours sincerely le saluda atentamente


The three translations of yours reflect the gender and number of the noun they are standing for; yours is translated by tuyo, tuya, tuyos, tuyas, suyo, suya, suyos, suyas, vuestro, vuestra, vuestros, vuestras, depending on the meaning being translated, and what is being referred to.