Translation of youth hostel in Spanish:

youth hostel

albergue juvenil, n.

Pronunciation /ˈjuθ ˌhɑstl///


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    albergue juvenil masculine
    albergue de la juventud masculine
    • No doubt, they are sharing a small room in a youth hostel in each country they hit, given that they are such good gal pals.
    • The 38-year-old former pupil at Colchester's St Helena School was reported missing in February when he failed to return to the youth hostel he was staying in.
    • There would be additional employment in the offices, boutiques and a youth hostel.
    • On the Miramare access road is a youth hostel with a location a five-star hotel would die for: overlooking the beach, with its own lively terrace bar.
    • My initial response to join a bunch of Japanese adults playing clapping games at a youth hostel was ‘No way.’
    • At 35 € a night per person it's cheaper than the youth hostel.
    • We had been staying at a youth hostel and were on our way back to the train station.
    • The students had a brilliant time and the youth hostel has commented on their exemplary behaviour.
    • When I arrived at the youth hostel there was a very strange smell.
    • Staying in a youth hostel, I took some food up to Scotland with me.
    • I could not remain in the main youth hostel, but there was an overflow hostel in another part of the city and I could stay there.
    • While staying at a youth hostel, James met Australian traveller, Kristy Ladzik, and after a couple of drunken nights out James suggested they get married as a joke.
    • This is a five star place and some people can't believe that it's a youth hostel.
    • I asked him how he knew this girl, and he said he had met her in a youth hostel in Brittany in France.
    • My two new buddies walk me to the youth hostel, which is closed.
    • He'd thought he would easily find a simple youth hostel.
    • In 1985 she made a pilgrimage from a youth hostel in Dublin to the National Gallery of Ireland to view Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid, and last March she was asked to give a talk in the Prado in Madrid.
    • While looking in store windows near the youth hostel where she was staying, Gallagher spotted some funky handblown-glass jewelry.
    • The youth hostel had a mandatory all day lockout.
    • Stay on this as you descend down towards the youth hostel.

intransitive verbyouth-hosteling, youth-hostelled, youth-hosteled, youth-hostelling

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    hacer alberguismo (juvenil)
    • I'm afraid I was never much good at the 20-something spontaneous inter-railing, hitch-hiking, youth-hostelling thing.
    • When I was about 16, I went on a youth-hostelling expedition with some school friends.
    • I'd already toured the UK by bicycle and had youth-hosteled in Ireland and Switzerland.