Translation of zap in Spanish:


liquidar, v.

Pronunciation /zap//zæp/

transitive verbzapped, zapping

  • 1informal

    (defeat, blast)
    liquidar informal
    • They have always seemed, I'm ashamed to say, a bit like the weather forecast: predictable, dull, a cue to zap to another channel.
    • No one is obliged to watch television and you can always zap between channels.
    • The grapefruit-sized tumor was zapped with chemotherapy, radiation and relentless courage.
    • The stone was zapped and it's passing, so that's good.
    • In December, doctors zapped Hannah's tumor with the highest possible doses.
    • It's heaped full of chlorophyll, which zaps halitosis fast.
    • You need to have top-flight shooting skills to zap the constantly moving targets that are your enemy.
    • Science has wiped out many killer diseases and may soon zap the rest.
    • It zapped the liquid and suddenly there was steam.
    • Several talk of how they used to zap to another channel whenever politics came on television.
    • Tuning out completely is not an option for most voters, unless their television sets can zap out commercials.
    • With one hand he zapped through the channels on the telly while expertly opening a bottle of ale with the other.
    • I had nothing to do the night before a game and I was zapping between the channels.
    • I've spotted a grubby fingerprint on the window and I can't concentrate until I've zapped it with a bottle of Dettox and a damp cloth.
    • Technologically primitive Surrey suburbanites were zapped by future war weaponry; it was a horribly unequal contest.
    • Sadly, modern TV executives are more worried about holding zapping audiences and ratings figures than about television as an arts and culture source.
    • California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been zapped from the official websites of his Austria birthplace of Graz.
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    ¡zas! informal