Translation of zealous in Spanish:


ferviente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈzɛləs//ˈzɛləs/


  • 1

    (follower) ferviente
    (follower) entusiasta
    (worker) que pone gran celo en su trabajo
    (worker) entusiasta
    • You react with an intense and zealous activity designed to achieve your aims at all costs.
    • The schoolboys who wandered in to play cricket were chased away by a zealous guard who thoughtfully confiscated the ball.
    • Early radicalisation did not equal zealous ideological commitment.
    • Pastor Boichenko is indeed a zealous Pastor and evangelist always leading from the front.
    • Such zealous passion would seem to be the natural preserve of that dangerous species, the young man.
    • Will we see these zealous litter police staking out public houses.
    • He had been a fiery boy bursting with zealous defense of his friends.
    • The left wing still kind of exists now, but they're not so zealous.
    • Her zealous commitment to politics is clearly something that Llosa sees as a special quality.
    • Those words were rather extreme, sadly uneducated and overly zealous.
    • Now in their 50s, she and her husband are zealous promoters of the mission they began in 1981.
    • This was an act committed by one zealous serving girl who sinned thereby.
    • His appeal is his integrity and an almost zealous commitment to his beliefs.
    • They are also extremists of one kind or another who have devoted themselves to the zealous pursuit of their religious ideals.
    • He is a zealous advocate for the rights of Irish immigrants and others as Chair of the Emerald Isle Immigration Centre.
    • Now we learn of retribution efforts aimed at those who tried to correct the zealous propaganda which drove this nation into war.
    • Just how zealous is the religious right?
    • Throughout a pulsating and fiercely-contested match, Kendal were unable to please the zealous match official.
    • Ann Lee and her immediate entourage were unbowed in their zealous commitment.
    • Missions were built and zealous Franciscan priests set about converting the Indians living in their pueblos.