Translation of zester in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈzɛstə//ˈzɛstər/


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    utensilio concebido para obtener tiras finas de las cáscaras de los cítricos
    • Use a lemon zester to create the lemon zest so that it is also fine.
    • Kitchen utensils, such as lemon zesters, are not designed for use in surgery.
    • She buys Micro-plane grater zesters and Le Creuset pots.
    • The poor guy was left without even a citrus zester.
    • But once you've used a zester, you'll never go back to the grater.
    • It takes approximately six years to get enough zest for hot cross buns and a lemon tart without your Microplane zester.
    • Use a lemon zester, or for us simple folk, a sharp knife.
    • Using the lemon zester again, zest the rind of a lemon to produce one teaspoon of zest.
    • Use a zester to pull long, thin strands of lemon rind from a lemon or two and put them in a quart of water and refrigerate.
    • Just last week, I got into a bar brawl over the quality of different zesters on the market.