Translation of zip in Spanish:


garra, n.

Pronunciation /zɪp//zɪp/


  • 1informal

    garra feminine informal
    brío masculine
    • RHP Pat Hentgen has lost some zip off his fastball since suffering shoulder tendinitis in '98, but he tries to compensate with location.
    • The sliced papaya was refreshing and the ceviche was tasty even without much citrus zip.
    • The zip she detects in Tokyo is missing in London and/or Paris and/or New York, she is saying.
    • Softer than Sapphire with less aromatic zip, Van Gogh has elegant texture and fresh flavors, as well as less bitter bite than most other gins.
    • This is not a personality-driven, motivational DVD with a driving pop music score for added zip.
    • Did his punches have the same zip from the second round on?
    • In midfield, Steve Schumacher's welcome return added zip and zest and brought legs to the piston-like work-rate of Lee Crooks.
    • From the other side, he doesn't have sparkling offensive statistics and his throws don't have great zip.
    • He didn't appear to have much zip or intensity and dropped some catchable balls.
    • It had a bit of zip, and it was a nice diversion from the usual power ballads.
    • Each mouthful is a bit different, and you can add zip from the dip of accompanying hot sauce.
    • A different Bees side emerged for the second half, and a more familiar zip characterised all they tried to do.
    • He demonstrated zip to throw over the middle and made a great throw to his right, hitting WR Muhsin Muhammad on a play-action pass to set up the Jones TD.
    • However, this experiment with more realism injected into the series lacks a certain amount of zip that diehard fans have come to know and love.
    • To be fair, you have about 4000% more energy and zip as a speaker than anyone there today.
    • The zip and energy shown by Wales in attack was one of the major plus points for Hearts.
    • As he fell from favor, his comedies lost their zip, and finally, after fighting tuberculosis for many years, he died at the age of fifty-one.
    • The former national player has added that much-need zip to the attack, bowling long spells and dominating the batsmen.
    • Even in the scrappy draw with Everton last Monday, there were signs that it has given them a bit of their old zip, and they will approach this afternoon in good spirits.
    • Want to add some crunch to your salad, some zing to your pasta, some zip to your dip?
  • 2

    silbido masculine
  • 3British

    • It took me about 2 minutes before I'd quietly undone the two zips on the tent door and silently projected myself head first out of it.
    • Many women had to use elastic and zips to adjust their own uniforms or borrow bigger uniforms from colleagues.
    • Today, however, I set out for the walk and the zip stayed open as I pulled it up.
    • Since then, the cotton tops have been shrunk, tie-dyed, torn, cropped, coloured, encrusted with jewels and covered in zips.
    • He wore dark brown baggy trousers covered with zips.
    • Miss Stephenson was wearing black baggy knee-length combat trousers covered in zips and chains, and knee-length stripy socks with white Adidas trainers.
    • There were a couple of howlers, including a reference to the zip fastener long before its invention.
    • I can't manage things like zips, so they took the zips out and put Velcro in instead.
    • I need, not just want, some new boots with tougher zips and buckles than the last pair, which will last through the coming year and the afore-mentioned snow.
    • More pockets can mean more zips and more zips can mean more locks, which in turn means more sweaty moments at airport security-checks.
    • Simple daily routines, such as peeling potatoes or fastening zips and buttons, become near impossible.
    • I reciprocated and started undoing various buttons, zips and straps.
    • Yes, belts, buckles and zips are high fashion for us men this winter.
    • Some of the cleverer manufacturers are now putting separate compartments on the inside so that there is only one outer zip to lock.
    • The garment is manufactured using a hardwearing, fire resistant fabric that incorporates a two way zip on the front.
    • Simple in design, this is a great little deep neck top with a half length zip and zipped pocket at the chest for storing bus passes.
    • He held up a pair of black baggy jeans with bright pink zips on them.
    • Some of the most original pieces are by Danny Greig, 18, who has produced skirts and bodices made almost entirely from zips.
    • He hauled his jacket on, his shaking fingers fumbling to fasten the zip.
    • It's a urethane-laminated pack with welded waterproof seam construction with a truly water tight zip.

transitive verbzipping, zipped

  • 1

    (bag/pocket) cerrar la cremallera de
    (pocket/bag) cerrar el cierre de Latin America
    (pocket/bag) cerrar el zíper de Mexico Venezuela Central America Cuba
    she zipped herself into her dress se puso el vestido y se subió la cremallera (or el cierre etc.)
    • I zipped up my purse and leaned against the wall.
    • Jennifer zipped up the sides of her boots, and clipped her belt together.
    • However they imagined this end, I cannot help but seeing an image of a body bag being zipped up.
    • Liz stood at the door in gray sweatpants and a black jacket that was zipped up.
    • She smiles and zips up her jacket. ‘Which is just how it should be.’
    • She finished her hasty packing and zipped up the bag.
    • He was wearing a black ski-type waterproof jacket which was bulky and was zipped up to the neck and possibly had a hood.
    • I inhaled the smell of old perfume and talcum powder every time I helped zip her dress.
    • Having grabbed all the books she needed for the weekend, Melanie shut her locker door, zipped up her backpack, and swung it over her shoulder.
    • Keep your bag zipped up and make sure your wallet or purse can't be seen.
    • His black jacket was zipped up despite the heat of the night and his hands were in his pockets.
    • Sofia was wearing a brown leather jacket, which was already zipped up as much as possible.
    • She shivered and zipped up her hooded sweatshirt.
    • His black bomber jacket was zipped up to the neck and he also wore black jeans and black boots or shoes.
    • Todd was behind us, zipping his pants and calling out Brooklyn's name.
    • I quickly zipped up my jacket and walked away from Jason.
    • He was wearing a waist-length light to mid-grey polyester jacket, zipped up at the front, and dark sandy-coloured corduroys.
    • I pulled out three dollars and zipped my purse.
    • He was wearing dark blue jeans, Timberland black boots and a white long-sleeved top that was zipped up.
    • The jacket was zipped up and the pants were ironed straight.
  • 2

    (file) comprimir
    • We zipped it up to compress it so that your virus protection software would allow you to receive it
    • The standard way around this is to zip the executable files before sending them.
    • The Trojan arrives in an e-mail with an attachment that is zipped and contains an executable.
    • We also zipped the folder, reducing it to about 640MB for our large file tests.
    • Like the smaller test, we'll be zipping the images into one zip file, then testing again with all the files separate.

intransitive verbzipping, zipped

  • 1

    (with zipper)
    the suitcase zips open/shut la maleta se abre/cierra con cremallera (or cierre etc.)
    • the hood zips on la capucha se pone con cremallera (or cierre etc.)
  • 2informal

    (move fast)
    the morning zipped by la mañana (se) pasó volando informal
    • we zipped through the work (nos) despachamos el trabajo en un santiamén
    • to zip past pasar silbando
    • we zipped along íbamos a toda mecha / a todo trapo
    • I'll just zip out and post this letter salgo volando a echar esta carta
    • Under the assured direction of veteran Leo McCarey, the film just zips along and is all over far too soon.
    • Crouch zipped a pass to Wistrom, who caught it, turned upfield and was tackled at the 15.
    • Where are the predictions of the near future in which we all zip about above the rooftops in our own little aircars?
    • Stealing in on the blindside of the lax Killie defence to gather a cross-field delivery, he zipped an unstoppable shot into the far corner.
    • It made 11 hours in economy class on the London to Bangkok flight zip by in a dreamy fug.
    • Against the Kings, Yao zipped a no-look scoop pass across the court to PG Steve Francis.
    • Normally I push the speed limit, and the countryside zips by.
    • Flushed from the pocket by Tigers pressure, Hagans roamed the field for nearly 5 seconds before zipping a 25-yard pass to wideout Deyon Williams.
    • It's a public holiday today, so we zipped up the M4 in record time, I parked near Stamford Bridge, and we walked round to Earls Court from there.
    • Meanwhile, as with any circuit, you'll zip from one move to the next without resting, keeping your heart rate - and calorie burn - high.
    • Robben, again from the right, zips inside and coaxes a curler about four yards of the far post.
    • James is a tireless runner who can punish a defense with his strength or zip through it with his speed.
    • Everybody zips along at the same frantic speed, the assumption being that you know where you're going.
    • It was Smith again who pressurised Dunfermline, this time turning inside from he left and keeping his shot low but it zipped just past the post.
    • Khair moves with effortless ease into his story-telling: we are quickly introduced to the characters as the novel zips along.
    • The magnesium catches fire and zips around on the surface of the water.
    • Drifts of sea pinks coloured the soft grass of the cliff tops and house martins zipped by flashing their pure white rumps.
    • The evening consists of four creative and varied works that made the time zip by.
    • Day over, then I could just zip home and zip straight onto the computer where I could just lock myself away from the outside world.
    • April opened up her locker to stuff her book bag and zip home on her roller blades.
    • Finally, he zips a pass to me, a pass that would have been perfect if 1 were 6-6 but instead goes sailing just over my fingertips and out of bounds.
    • You slide the envelope through the slot, and a little motor kicks in, grabbing the envelope and zipping it through, while popping out a spinning blade to slice off just the tiniest bit of the top of the envelope.
    • I literally feel life zip by me while I stand rooted.
    • The musical numbers are by far the most frenetic, with animated imagery zipping around at the speed of hyperspace.
    • Brooks, a war correspondent, has obviously done her homework, and her first novel zips along entertainingly, filled with incident and detail.
    • First, Ginobili drove the lane and drew Duncan's defender, zipping a pass to Duncan all alone on the baseline for a 19-footer.
    • Carr zipped a perfect pass to a wide-open Johnson, who dropped the easy catch that would have given Houston another third down conversion.
    • Instead of high drama in slow motion, this is low drama and high speed as the cars zip by.



  • 1

    nada de nada informal
    • Right now, the score: They're down zip to two to Paraguay.
    • And you don't have to sacrifice zip for cleaner air.
    • ‘No, zero, zippo,’ Katharine Armstrong, who hosted the hunt, told her local paper.
    • Roberts also has absolutely no experience - zippo - in the criminal justice system.
    • ‘My social life is pretty much zippo,’ Maxhimer said.
    • That will mean that anyone earning under $38,000 gets zero, zippo, and members of Parliament get at least $100 a week extra.
    • School's nearly back in session, and we feel your panic as your fun-filled summer days wind down to zippo.
    • Meanwhile our heating bill went up almost $150 and we get zip because, apparently, we make way too much money (note the sarcasm).
    • Players and nonplayers alike get aced out of cherished, indispensable things all the time and get zip in return, so it seems only reasonable to want to balance the equation a little.
    • I typed in the name Patrick Goldstein and again, zippo - nada.
    • After 30 minutes, I have learned nothing, nada, zippo.
    • Sure, he launched some missiles back in '91, accomplishing zip.
    • I checked in on concerned daughter, again zippo.
    • But the important point about this matter is that under this Government there are jobs there; under that member's Government there were none - not one, zippo.
    • Last year had the decent ‘Legally Blonde,’ but this year - zippo.
    • A quarter of the songs played on Miami's Power 96 are dance hall, compared with zip two years ago.
    • Anybody who needs to correct someone about beauty college not being a real college has a navy bean for a heart and a kindness quotient of zip.
    • That had zip to do with the election result because in the end people will vote on issues.
    • They sat around for a good while scratching their heads and coming up with exactly zippo.
    • So if people over 65 vote Labour or National in this election, they will get zip.