Translation of zip-up in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈzɪp ˌəp///


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    que se cierra con cremallera
    que se cierra con cierre Latin America
    que se cierra con zíper Mexico Central America Venezuela Cuba
    • While the concept of a cardigan isn't all that hip, this zip-up sweater's high collar and corduroy detailing on the front pocket give it an updated appeal.
    • We were all wearing tight jeans and zip-up jackets.
    • To top it all off, get your hands on this hooded zip-up sweatshirt from the Gap.
    • He was wearing a gray zip-up sweater jacket with a hood.
    • She put her on her black zip-up sweater with a hood and took the keys out of the bag.
    • These are basically regular knits and can be found in a zip-up style, a zipper collar or a hood.
    • He was wearing his favorite aqua, blue and black shirt with a black zip-up hoodie, and a pair of black jeans.
    • He was last seen wearing a blue and white striped polo shirt, green zip-up fleece, navy track-suit bottoms and navy trainers.
    • He looked effortlessly scrumptious, like Chris Martin, wearing a zip-up cardigan over a faded white t-shirt.
    • Miss Taylor was wearing camouflage trousers, white trainers, a black T-shirt and a grey zip-up hooded sweatshirt with pink writing on it when she disappeared.
    • Hoodies and zip-up sweatshirts are coolest when they have a retro look, ranging from the logo to the color scheme.
    • These particular ones even come in their own little zip-up bags to keep them warm and dry.
    • He is wearing the rich man's shellsuit: baggy silk cargo pants, one of those urban sportswear zip-up tops and beige slip-ons.
    • With their sunglasses and their black zip-up tops, you might take them for the kind of modern rock stars who prefer herbal tea to cocaine.
    • At the end of a shift, my brown slacks and my zip-up shirt would be soaked with sweat.
    • He returned a minute later carrying a small black zip-up pouch with him.
    • She was carrying a navy and black zip-up holdall and wore a black Nike hooded top and faded blue jeans.
    • Ron sat behind the keyboards and Russell came onto the stage in a tight-fitting dark zip-up suit.
    • Preposterously skinny, he is wearing a light grey woollen zip-up top (some might even venture to call it a cardigan) over a white T-shirt and dark blue jeans.
    • He was wearing a blue baseball cap and a blue zip-up jacket with blue jeans.