Translation of zip code in Spanish:

zip code

código postal, n.



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    código postal masculine
    • Because database creation is now part of the purchasing transaction, refusal to give a zip code is a deliberate act of resistance.
    • They don't look at the form that they're creating to consider that once the computer knows a zip code, the user shouldn't have to type in a city and state.
    • Entering a zip code will return a list of destinations with recommendations for accommodations, dining and attractions.
    • And when you get there, you enter your zip code and you'll get a list of places close by where those shots are being given and where they have the vaccine.
    • The town is now so small that the U.S. Postal Service is taking away its zip code.
    • A brief postcard introducing the goals and impending arrival of the survey was mailed to the 2743 members of the mailing list in the target ZIP code.
    • We exchanged information, and I think it's a sign of my disorientation that I got her zip code, but not the license plate number.
    • And also, people are allowed to stay within a certain zip code but not move outside of that.
    • For instance, a parent who works from home may opt for parenting lists, computer lists and to receive mailings for someone in his or her ZIP code.
    • Plug your zip code into a financial calculator and get the most current demographic, income, employment, and real estate figures.
    • Type in your zip code, and it will give you a list of non-corporate coffee shops that are near by, and some written reviews of these sites.
    • Enter your zip code to find out who's running for offices on your ballot and where the candidates stand on issues.
    • And I kept telling people my ZIP code is Austin, Texas.
    • Just type in your zip code, personalize and customize the prewritten message, and email or print and mail it to legislators.
    • It was an independent city with the city, of 55 000 people at peak time, a district with its own zip code.
    • The post office designated a special ZIP code for the Astrodome: 77230.
    • No matter where the guy is, the computer should figure out town, state, and abbreviation from the zip code, but that's another matter.
    • It arrived in a yellow envelope with your address scrawled across the front, plastered with Air Mail stickers and stamped with the zip code of New York City.
    • By typing her zip code into the database, she instantly came up with a list of dance studios in her neighborhood.
    • Then go to the Geocaching site, type in your zip code, and you'll see a list of places where treasure is buried.