Translation of zone in Spanish:


zona, n.

Pronunciation /zoʊn//zəʊn/


  • 1

    zona feminine
    torrid/temperate zone zona tórrida/templada
    • nuclear-free zone zona desnuclearizada
    • The Courthouse car park would be improved, and a pedestrian zone created at the front entrance.
    • A buffer zone is recommended in which no irrigating is done.
    • The area in question has now been declared a disaster zone, and provincial funding has been requested to help the afflicted fishermen.
    • A small strip of land, the demilitarized zone, separates the two sides.
    • More than 100,000 people were belatedly evacuated from the zone following the disaster.
    • Last year in those zones an astonishing 166,430 visitor permits were issued.
    • The chain wants to convert the ground floor to what they describe as a traditional ale house and wine bar, with no-smoking zones and a family area.
    • Thousands of landmines have made patches of the fertile land into no-go zones.
    • The village has been divided into different zones and athletes will have a colour-coded map to help them get around.
    • A large number come from disrupted family backgrounds, economically or socially deprived families or are children who come from conflict zones themselves.
    • Though it was in the mandatory evacuation zone, fire officials decided removing the animals would be "a logistical nightmare," said the vice president of operations.
    • He had never had a formal driving lesson and was spotted by witnesses doing up to 90 mph in a 30 mph zone minutes before the crash.
    • The proposed enclosure would stretch from wet sand to dry areas above the tidal zone, but allowed people to walk at the water's edge along the beach.
    • We had a very large clump of cedar trees just in the fire zone itself.
    • Essex Police said the incident had taken place in the main passenger terminal building, near check-in zones E and F, at around 9.40 am today.
    • It wants to split the area into parking zones at each end and introduce a road traffic order in the middle to safeguard the loading bay with a larger sign.
    • Heslington gained their first win of the season and moved out of the relegation zone when they beat Londesbrough Park by seven wickets.
    • Once in the security zone you can see some of the damage caused by the bombing.
    • But once inside this military zone the atmosphere is more relaxed and you are able to walk around freely.
    • Heavy rains are expected in the earthquake zone this weekend.
  • 2US

    distrito masculine

transitive verb


  • 1

    (divide up)
    (town/area) dividir en zonas
    (area/town) dividir en sectores
    (area/town) zonificar
    • The list included concerns voiced by the town planners and architects on land use zoning and floor area ratio.
    • He said a further application would require a material contravention to give zoning authority and added he was surprised by the refusal.
    • Cllr Flynn says while Westport Town Councillors won't be zoning this particular piece of land they will be making their opinions felt.
    • However, it was explained at last week's meeting that this figure was arrived at due to current zoning regulations.
    • For new construction, this can be of vital importance, particularly where zoning restricts building height.
    • Clearly, communities will need to move decisively to change zoning laws and building codes, in order to avoid a repeat of what we have seen.
    • Prescott says he is listening, and, because the urban plan covers zoning bylaws, input can make a difference.
    • The company will even lobby local government to change zoning regulations in order to get the location they want.
    • Check local regulations and zoning restrictions because some areas may have legally established separation distances.
    • All the indications are that Cherrywood will receive the town centre zoning.
    • The local zoning authorities for a long time just outright banned big box stores, stores of over something like 10,000 square feet.
    • Ms McEvoy said zoning in small villages and towns was essential to ensure controlled, structured and sustainable development.
    • The 140 acres proposed for zoning also includes land adjacent to the Tullamore Road and Brittas Avenue.
    • I'm sure any zoning plan will be a small sacrifice for the recreational angler to make for the future sustainability of our fish stocks.
    • Stiff zoning laws, even when they're well-intended, result in unintended consequences.
    • The move was made to restrict zoning, said Stevens, in order to avoid having a retail store set up where it was unwanted.
    • There are no regulations, zoning restrictions, fences or white lines to tell you where to go.
    • Pay particular attention to zoning in each of the alternatives proposed for your area.
    • First, consider the principle that time, place, and manner restrictions such as zoning generally do not violate the First Amendment.
    • Clint Eastwood ran for mayor on a platform that promised to prune back the plethora of local rules, regulations, building restrictions and zoning laws.
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    it is zoned as a green area ha sido declarada zona verde
    • Listowel town manager Michael McMahon asked councillors to consider zoning a portion of land for the use of discount retailers.
    • The remaining 12 acres are zoned for agriculture.
    • But much of the land is former industrial space that couldn't be recycled for new uses without government approval because it is still zoned for manufacturing.
    • If it zones something for a particular use and nobody wants it, then nothing happens.
    • The council has been called on to increase its commercial rates income by zoning land just outside of the city boundary for commercial development.
    • The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority claims the cowboys were illegally using the former warehouse as a stable, a use it wasn't zoned for.
    • Only the 1,000 square feet now operating is zoned for that use.
    • The land was zoned at that time for agricultural purposes.
    • Since the building is now zoned for residential use, the house can be occupied by only three unrelated people at a time.
    • Local authorities could then zone it and then sell it on.
    • Of course, that designation would be vulnerable to manipulation (the airport is currently zoned as parkland, though it is of course not being used as such).
    • The Railway Square site is zoned for general business under the 2002 Waterford City Development Plan.
    • The premises and grounds are zoned for industrial use.
    • The property is zoned for residential and part commercial use and is located beside The Elms and Braganza housing estates in Carlow town.
    • The canal area is zoned for new homes and restaurants, and some redundant cotton mills are being converted into flats.
    • The owners were hard done by following the council decision to zone the land as green area.
    • The new centre would be zoned for mixed use to allow residential, retail, educational and community facilities such as a health centre, hotel, restaurants, bars and a post office.
    • The purpose of the proposed variation is to zone lands in Tullow and its environs to use for residential, institutional and industrial uses.
    • The owners have now had a change of mind and efforts are being made to lease the 8,000 sq. ft property, which is zoned for retail use.
    • There is land zoned for industry, so the sooner the County Council purchases this land the better.