Translation of zonked in Spanish:


colgado, adj.

(zonked out)

Pronunciation /zɑŋkt//zɒŋkt/



  • 1

    (on drugs) colgado slang
    (on drugs) colocado slang
    (on drink) curda slang
    (on drink) borracho
    • When we place a personal ad, it will read: ‘Two much-maligned middle-aged artistic gents seek silent sublime zonked youngsters for eating out.’
    • Curious, he decided to do a little experiment: how much of Sahara's guard was up when she was completely zonked?
    • My boss is going to be so happy when I show up white-faced, zonked on medication, and with pain lines in my face!
    • LCD is a one-man entertainment troupe that suggests a zonked universe where Brian Eno, Steve Albini and Giorgio Moroder are soul brothers.
    • The Bloor syncs up The Wizard of Oz to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon in what has become a cult favourite for zonked hippies.
    • Steve Coogan is simply amazing as the zonked and dreamy man who put Manchester back on the map for a few extraordinary years and oversaw the shift from Punk to Ecstasy Culture and Dance music.
    • The two of us were sitting around zonked, just staring out at the sea.
    • I swear I spent a large portion of those years totally zonked out of my head.
    • The young pilots of Galactica's battleship fleet are perpetually zonked on uppers.
    • I was fully in character, except for the non-pleated slacks and the fact that, once again, I was zonked on great weed.
  • 2

    to be zonked estar hecho polvo / reventado informal
    • I was completely zonked when I got there llegué hecho polvo / reventado
    • Dolly was fast asleep at my feet, Harry equally zonked, wedged into the small of my back.
    • I still feel pretty zonked, as it would appear I am coming down with another random illness (make the bad man stop!
    • Now it's ten to twelve and I'm feeling pretty zonked.
    • Friday night dinner at L&S's, where we were all pretty zonked.
    • Moore deplores the madness we live daily but are too busy or too zonked to notice.
    • Anyway, after I got home, had a long phone call with a friend, and went to bed zonked, I had trouble sleeping.
    • Two hours later the kids were zonked out and Tanya and I were talking on the couches in the front room.
    • I'm also pretty zonked and wishing I could just lie down and sleep, but that's business as usual for me.
    • Right now, I'm really quite zonked and I think it's time for bed.
    • It was about 2 by the time we left, and we were both pretty zonked.
    • It was the first time I noticed that Jay was looking more tired and zonked than I figured I did.
    • Sean sprawled out across the rear seat right after their meal; he was still zonked.
    • I lay there, zonked, in the sun, until breakfast was ready.
    • I know I was pretty zonked from not getting enough sleep the night before - my hips don't deal well with sleeping on the floor, it seems.
    • Mums think their baby is zonked and rush them off to bed, but they're just digesting their food.
    • I was pretty zonked around that point, so I finally got in the car and pointed it towards home.
    • So either I'm adapting to this constantly changing lifestyle, or I'm just zonked…
    • Lunch on Saturday was fun, and D stayed around a little afterwards, but I was so zonked after a week of getting to Battersea for 9am, that he went home.
    • That will either mean I have a quiet day because she'll be zonked or she'll be on a tear.
    • The three of us are spending almost all of our time zonked out in bed.
    • I'm pretty zonked and I could use some rest, especially if I'm going to get to the gym tomorrow.