Translation of zookeeper in Spanish:


guardián, n.

Pronunciation /ˈzuːkiːpə//ˈzuˌkipər/


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    guardián masculine
    guardiana feminine
    • For many years, zookeepers had trouble breeding the white rhinoceros.
    • Often, all it takes is a controlled encounter with a live bat through a wildlife guide or zookeeper and the horror spell is permanently broken.
    • For the past eight summers she volunteers for daily care and feeding at Miller Park Zoo as a zookeeper's assistant.
    • Dr Clode was a zookeeper in Adelaide, did her doctorate in zoology at Oxford, and is now doing her research at the University of Melbourne.
    • The zookeepers surprised the cheetahs with different odors to see which ones they enjoyed.
    • I spent 10 years working as a zookeeper for the Wildlife Conservation Society - arguably the best of its kind in the world.
    • Richard Joseph, a senior zookeeper and wildlife conservationist, said the exchange of animals was part of the society's thrust to promote wildlife farming locally.
    • On September 9, during an examination by a team of biologists, a zookeeper and a veterinarian, the chick was found to be suffering from a blockage of the digestive track and signs of respiratory distress.
    • When hostilities broke out, zookeepers fled, and the animals were left to starve, living in cages without food, water, and in some cases, access to sunlight.
    • He worked as a zookeeper for the London Zoological Society, eventually becoming head keeper at the Welsh Mountain Zoo above Colwyn Bay in North Wales.
    • Most historians agree the bison's primary savior was William Hornaday, a Bronx zookeeper and head of the New York Zoological Society, who helped found the American Bison Society.
    • Caring for animals is not just a job… it's a very noble vocation for the dedicated zookeepers at Johannesburg Zoo.
    • Now he is setting up an association for African zookeepers - the first of its kind here - that will see zookeepers share ideas about taking care of different animal species.
    • Despite having ‘dabbled creatively’, her desire to work with animals led to a six-year stint as a zookeeper and sealion trainer.
    • The Johannesburg Zoo acquired a breeding pair in September 2002, and zookeepers were delighted when they began to lay eggs.
    • As part of its commitment to passing on skills, the Johannesburg Zoo is running a programme for learner zookeepers.
    • The mother of these tiger cubs couldn't produce enough milk, so zookeepers in Hefei, China, enlisted this dog.
    • Museum directors wanted to display a representative work by every great artist, zookeepers hoped to have every animal no matter how exotic, botanists every plant.
    • Well, last week, the zookeeper left and all of the animals were taken out.
    • For most visitors, the highlights of the trip are watching zookeepers bottle-feed the infants, and watching dozens of elephants cool off in the Maha Oya River.