Translation of zoom in Spanish:


zumbido, n.

Pronunciation /zum//zuːm/


  • 1

    • 1.1(sound)

      zumbido masculine

    • 1.2(upward flight)

      subida abrupta feminine

  • 2also zoom lens

    Photography Television Cinema
    teleobjetivo masculine
    zoom masculine
    • Although it won't be out until the fourth quarter, it sets the bar pretty high: a 224k color screen, Memory Stick, Bluetooth and megapixel camera with 8x zoom.
    • It's a tri-band GPRS phone with a built-in camera offering digital zoom, self-timer and night shot.
    • In other words, you can adjust the zoom and camera angle to be as far away or as close up as possible, and as upside down and round about as you like.
    • However there are a couple of reasons that pros would use a prime lens over a zoom.
    • It's interesting to note that in recent months other manufacturers have expressed an interest in digital cameras with long zooms.
    • The phones boast a 1.3 megapixels camera, 8x zoom and flash.
    • He popped a cartridge in his camera and readied his zoom as the two men started their sleds.
    • For more serious work, a macro lens or a zoom with a macro feature offers superior quality.
    • If you have a zoom or a telephoto lens then now is the time!
    • Use the longest lens you have (or the zoom at the highest number), and move in as close as you can to the subject.
    • Most models offer a digital zoom, which lets you magnify an image after it's been snapped.
    • The little beach shows boats in a small fishing town (thanks to the zoom on my camera) called Cascara.
    • To make the exposure, simply press the shutter button with one hand and slide or twist the zoom through its focal range with the other.
    • I look through the eyepiece and I work the zoom manually.
    • A little more than £100 can still buy you a camera with an optical zoom and in this case, one with a 3x range.
    • Now he's eating a bologna sandwich (the zoom on this camera is really good) and drinking a Bud.
    • Apart from digital zoom, this camera even has flash - perfect for taking pictures in dim places, such as during a social gathering at a pub.
    • To get a whole house into the viewfinder, the usual way is to use a wide angle lens, or the zoom at its widest setting.
    • This will probably only have a digital zoom rather than an optical zoom and a fairly basic lens.
    • I usually work with a wide angle zoom on one body and a telephoto zoom on another, like most photojournalists.

intransitive verb

  • 1informal

    (move fast)
    to zoom along/past/off ir/pasar/salir zumbando / como un bólido informal
    • she zoomed through her work hizo el trabajo volando
    • It used to be a truism: cut interest rates to release money into the financial system and watch share prices zoom.
    • The first half of 1990s was a boom period when prices were zooming even to ‘unrealistic’ levels.
    • Plenty of cars were parked against the sidewalk, but a few still zoomed by.
    • The weekend had zoomed past, leaving me staring at the formal Sunday dinner with a mixture of exasperation and ‘don't wanna go to school blues’.
    • Rob fired his engine and zoomed past Ryan's car.
    • This area now seems to be one where the technology, and the uses of the technology, have zoomed way ahead of where the law is.
    • He put his head in his hands and watched the cars zoom past him.
    • Music carries from the various bars along the street and every once in a while a car zooms past, screeching as it swerves around the corner.
    • An assault jeep quickly zoomed ahead of the rest of the moving column, three gunmen disembarking and running forward, assault rifles raised.
    • Wide, open streets encourage motorists to zoom ahead.
    • Start with golf courses, move on to schools and office parks, and watch sales zoom with water prices.
    • Abel, manager of the fund, began selling off shares as they zoomed towards $70.
    • I watched fire trucks zoom past me as they made their way into the city.
    • Cars and trucks zoomed past but Tyler was thankful for the distraction.
    • There was a round of applause as the fighters zoomed overhead and did a slow roll in formation.
    • They looked out the windows, watching the cars zoom by.
    • School funds from the state are capped by law at $6,700 per student, a figure that has been frozen for the past three years, but costs are zooming.
    • The story is, we found the place we were looking for, then we had lunch and we zoomed back as quickly as wheels could turn.
    • Cars continued to zoom past, mere blurs of colour and noise.
    • Kmart has been a rip-snorting stock, zooming from $19.60 to $101.22 in less than a year and a half.
    • One of them is Ocean Information Holdings, whose share price has zoomed more than 200% since Dec. 24.
    • British Airways, which recently re-joined the FTSE 100, zoomed 152% higher.
    • That is because trading in and out doesn't work and no one knows when the market will suddenly zoom higher.
    • After about five minutes, another elevator zoomed past me.
    • One of New York's finest journalists and travel writers zoomed into old York this week and was ‘blown away’ by all that the city had to offer.
    • The authorized return fare was 36,000 in September, but prices have zoomed up since that we understand.
    • As the sleek convertible zoomed down the quiet streets, I stared out the window.
    • Once she had gunned the engine of her corvette, she zoomed back home to Pinnacle Point.
    • In theory, as fund assets zoom up, the costs of running a portfolio shouldn't rise nearly as much, so fees should fall.
    • Fancier dehydrators, with heat regulators and fans to circulate the air, work faster, but the price can zoom to several hundred dollars for serious preserving tools.
    • The stock began trading at $16 and within two days zoomed as high as $85.75.
    • And with the V - 6, automatic and leather seats, the sticker price zooms past $29,000.
    • When it got a little darker, I began to crack open the driver's side door every time a vehicle zoomed by to wave my flashlight.
    • Last year, the rocketing demand for high-tech goods sent coltan prices zooming upwards to 146 per pound.
    • Some companies announce a website and the stock price zooms.
    • Real estate prices too have zoomed, ironically pushed up in the first place by the IT companies themselves.
    • I shrugged lightheartedly before racing down the stairs, almost tripping over my own feet before zooming towards the car and telling the driver to hurry the hell up.
    • As demand in China has heated up, the price of light crude zoomed to meet that demand.
  • 2

    (aeroplane) (abruptamente) elevarse
    (inflation) dispararse