Translation of zoom in Spanish:


zumbido, n.

Pronunciation: /zum//zuːm/


  • 1

    • 1.1(sound)

      zumbido masculine

    • 1.2(upward flight)

      subida abrupta feminine

  • 2

    Television Cinema Photography
    teleobjetivo masculine
    zoom masculine

intransitive verb

  • 1informal

    (move fast)
    to zoom along/past/off ir/pasar/salir zumbando / como un bólido informal
    • she zoomed through her work hizo el trabajo volando
    • It's a tri-band GPRS phone with a built-in camera offering digital zoom, self-timer and night shot.
    • I usually work with a wide angle zoom on one body and a telephoto zoom on another, like most photojournalists.
    • To get a whole house into the viewfinder, the usual way is to use a wide angle lens, or the zoom at its widest setting.
    • For more serious work, a macro lens or a zoom with a macro feature offers superior quality.
    • He popped a cartridge in his camera and readied his zoom as the two men started their sleds.
    • In other words, you can adjust the zoom and camera angle to be as far away or as close up as possible, and as upside down and round about as you like.
    • It's interesting to note that in recent months other manufacturers have expressed an interest in digital cameras with long zooms.
    • Although it won't be out until the fourth quarter, it sets the bar pretty high: a 224k color screen, Memory Stick, Bluetooth and megapixel camera with 8x zoom.
    • A little more than £100 can still buy you a camera with an optical zoom and in this case, one with a 3x range.
    • The little beach shows boats in a small fishing town (thanks to the zoom on my camera) called Cascara.
    • The phones boast a 1.3 megapixels camera, 8x zoom and flash.
    • I look through the eyepiece and I work the zoom manually.
    • Most models offer a digital zoom, which lets you magnify an image after it's been snapped.
    • To make the exposure, simply press the shutter button with one hand and slide or twist the zoom through its focal range with the other.
    • Now he's eating a bologna sandwich (the zoom on this camera is really good) and drinking a Bud.
    • If you have a zoom or a telephoto lens then now is the time!
    • This will probably only have a digital zoom rather than an optical zoom and a fairly basic lens.
    • However there are a couple of reasons that pros would use a prime lens over a zoom.
    • Apart from digital zoom, this camera even has flash - perfect for taking pictures in dim places, such as during a social gathering at a pub.
    • Use the longest lens you have (or the zoom at the highest number), and move in as close as you can to the subject.
  • 2

    (aeroplane) elevarse
    (inflation) dispararse