Translation of abarcar in English:


to cover, v.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (temas/materias) to cover
    el programa abarca desde la Reconquista hasta el siglo XIX the program takes in / covers / spans the period from the Reconquest to the 19th century
    • sus tierras abarcan desde el río hasta la sierra his land stretches / extends from the river up to the mountains
    • abarcaba todo el territorio que ahora se conoce como Uruguay it extended over / embraced / spanned / included all the territory now known as Uruguay
  • 2

    (dar abasto con)
    (actividades/trabajos) to cope with
    se ha echado encima más de lo que puede abarcar he's taken on more than he can cope with
    • quien mucho abarca poco aprieta don't try to take on too much (or you've/he's taken on too much etc.)
  • 3

    (con los brazos)
    to embrace
    to encircle
    no le abarco la muñeca con la mano I can't get my hand around his wrist
  • 4

    (con la mirada)
    to take in