Translation of achuntar in English:


intransitive verb


  • 1

    (dar, pegar)
    achuntar(le) a/en algo
    • lo tiró y le achuntó a la caja he threw it and got it in the box / and it landed right in the box
    • tiró a la canasta pero no le achuntó he shot at the basket but he missed (it)
    • achúntale bien en el medio hit it smack dab in the middle
    • achuntarle medio a medio con algo to get sth just right / spot-on
    • le achuntó medio a medio con ese corte de pelo that haircut really suits him
  • 2

    le achuntaste con el regalo your present was perfect
    • achuntar(le) a algo to get sth right
    • le achuntó al número premiado she got the winning number
    • no achuntarle a una
    • no le achunta a una he gets it wrong every time
    • no le achunta a una con la ortografía she can't seem to spell anything right / correctly