Translation of acudir in English:


intransitive verb

  • 1formal

    (a un lugar)
    nadie acudió en su ayuda nobody came to his aid
    • no acudió a la hora prevista she did not come / arrive at the arranged time
    • deberá acudir en ayunas you should not eat anything before attending
    • miles de personas acudieron para apoyarlo thousands of people turned out / came to support him
    • acudir a algo
    • no acudió a la cita he failed to turn up for the appointment
    • no acudió a la reunión she did not attend the meeting
    • millones de personas acudirán hoy a las urnas millions of people will go to the polls today
    • la policía acudió al lugar de los hechos the police went to the scene (of events)
    • los recuerdos acuden a mi mente memories come flooding back to me
    • señorita Fernández, acuda al teléfono Miss Fernández, telephone call / telephone call for Miss Fernández
  • 2

    acudir a algn
    • acudió a su padre para que lo ayudara he turned / went to his father for help
    • antes que acudir a las armas rather than resort to the use of arms
    • acudieron a un árbitro para intentar resolverlo they went to arbitration to try to resolve it