Translation of advertir in English:


to warn, v.

transitive verb

  • 1

    to warn
    quedas/estás advertido para la próxima vez you've been warned so don't do it again
    • advertir a algn de algo to warn sb of sth
    • ¿no le advertiste del riesgo que corría? didn't you warn him of the risk he was running?
    • advertir a algn que + indic
    • te advierto que no lo consentiré I warn you that I won't stand for it
    • le advertí que le resultaría difícil encontrarlo I warned him that he'd have difficulty (in) finding it
    • te advierto que yo no tuve nada que ver con eso I want you to know I had nothing to do with that
    • te advierto que no me sorprendió nada I must say I wasn't at all surprised
    • advertir a algn que + subj
    • le advertí que tuviera cuidado I warned him to be careful
  • 2

    to notice
    nadie advirtió su presencia nobody noticed she was there