Translation of afán in English:


eagerness, n.

masculine noun

  • 1

    afán por + inf lucro
    • su afán por alcanzar la fama his desire to become famous
    • 1.1(anhelo)

      su afán de aventuras his thirst for adventure
      • su afán de superación her eagerness to better herself
      • afán de + inf
      • su afán de agradar their eagerness / anxiousness / keenness to please
      • tiene afán de aprender she's keen to learn

    • 1.2(empeño)

      pone mucho afán en todo lo que hace he puts a lot (of effort) into everything he does
      • ¡tanto afán para nada! all that effort for nothing!

  • 2Colombia informal

    tengo un afán horrible I'm in a terrible hurry