Translation of antojarse in English:


pronominal verb

  • 1

    se me antojó una cerveza I felt like (having) a beer
    • cuando estaba embarazada se me antojaban las cosas más extrañas when I was pregnant, I had cravings for the strangest things
    • se le antojó ir a nadar a medianoche she had an urge to go swimming at midnight
    • se le antojó que le llevaran el desayuno a la cama he felt like having breakfast brought to him in bed
    • hace exactamente lo que se le antoja he does exactly as he pleases
    • no voy porque no se me antoja ¡y se acabó! I'm not going because I don't feel like it, and that's final!
  • 2literary

    el camino se les antojaba eterno the road seemed never-ending to them
    • las sombras se le antojaban monstruos the shadows seemed like monsters
    • se me antoja que nos está mintiendo I've got a feeling that she's lying to us