Translation of apelar in English:


to appeal, v.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to appeal
    apelará ante el Tribunal Supremo he will appeal to the Supreme Court
    • apelar de / contra algo to appeal against sth
  • 2

    (invocar, recurrir a)
    apelar a algo/algn to appeal to sth/sb
    • apeló a nuestra generosidad she appealed to our generosity
    • apeló a los secuestradores para que le devolvieran a su hijo he appealed to the kidnappers to release his son
    • tendrás que apelar a tu diplomacia you'll have to call on / use all your diplomatic skills
  • 3

    to call
    Pedro I, apelado el Cruel Peter I, known as Peter the Cruel