Translation of arder in English:


to burn, v.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (madera/bosque/casa) to burn
    ardía en deseos de volver a verla he burned with desire to see her again literary
  • 2

    (estar muy caliente)
    to be boiling (hot)
    arder en fiestas
    • Zaragoza arde en fiestas the festivities in Zaragoza are in full swing
    • estar algn/algo que arde
    • tu padre está que arde your father's fuming / seething
    • la sopa está que arde the soup's boiling (hot)
    • la cosa está que arde things have reached boiling point
    • la fiesta estaba que ardía the party was in full swing
    • va que arde
    • te pagaré 1.000 euros y vas que ardes I'll pay you 1,000 euros and that's all you're getting / and you can count yourself lucky you're getting that much
  • 3

    • 3.1(escocer)

      (ojos/herida) to sting
      (ojos/herida) to smart
      le ardían los ojos con el humo the smoke was irritating her eyes
      • le hizo arder la herida it made the cut sting
      • después de tanto sol le ardían los hombros her shoulders were burning / sore after so long in the sun

    • 3.2

      me arde el estómago I've got heartburn