Translation of atenerse in English:


pronominal verb

  • 1

    (ajustarse, someterse)
    atenerse a algo
    • tendrás que atenerte a las reglas / normas you will have to abide by / comply with the rules
    • me atengo a las órdenes/instrucciones recibidas I am obeying orders/following instructions
    • se atuvo a lo que se le había pedido she did exactly what had been asked of her
    • me han dado tantas instrucciones contradictorias que no sé a que atenerme they've given me so many conflicting instructions I don't know who I should listen to/what I should be doing
    • tendrás que atenerte a las consecuencias you will have to live with / abide by the consequences
    • tienes que atenerte a tus medios económicos you must keep within your means
  • 2

    atenerse a algo
    • si nos atenemos a lo que dijeron ellos, la situación es muy distinta if we go by what they said then the situation appears very different
    • aténgase a los hechos confine yourself to the facts
  • 3

    atenerse a algo
    • me atengo a lo que declaré la semana pasada I'm sticking with what I said last week